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ALTA Commitment CF6R

How does DoubleTime generate a Revision Number?

The revision number can be entered in the Commitment module | General tab or on the Commitment CF6R form.

Can I use a CF6 jacket for a CF6R Commitment?

No. Commitment jackets must match its Commitment form type.

How do I edit the data on the CF6R form?

To edit the 'Transaction Identification Data for reference only:' fields, click in any grey field then choose "Replace Field with Text" from Tools on the menu bar or use the Replace Field with Text button on the secondary toolbar. Type the data in the field chosen and click the "Save Document" button icon in the secondary bar.

How do I get a CF6R jacket in DoubleTime?

The electronic process for a Commitment jacket has not changed and can be requested from the Commitment module, choose eSolutions | Fund Forms | Commitment Jacket Request or use the Commitment Jacket Request button on the secondary toolbar.

How does DoubleTime generate a Commitment number?

A Commitment number is one of the Transaction Identification Data fields that are required on Schedule A of the CF6R Commitment. If a Commitment is ordered from a branch through DoubleTime, the Fund Order number will be used to populate the Commitment Number field. The Closing File number will be used if a branch product was not ordered through DoubleTime.

How does DoubleTime generate a Property Address?

This is the Land to be insured entered in the Closing File | Property tab | Address Fields.

How does DoubleTime generate an ALTA Universal ID?

The ALTA Universal ID in the Transaction Identification Data section of Schedule A will populate with the ALTA Universal ID number entered in the Contacts module (Issuing/Title Agent). If left blank in the Contacts module, the word 'None' will automatically be displayed in this field.

NOTE: Entering the ALTA Universal ID for an Individual will not display on the Transaction Identification Data field on the Commitment CF6R.

How does DoubleTime generate an Issuing Agent?

This is the Company entered in the Closing File | Title Agent tab.

How does DoubleTime generate an Issuing Office File Number?

This is the DoubleTime Closing File number.

How does DoubleTime generate an Issuing Office?

This is The Fund Member Number entered for your Title Agent contact.

I have a state ID entered in DoubleTime. Is this the same as the ALTA Universal ID on the Commitment CF6R?

No, the ALTA Universal ID is a separate identifier and is entered in a separate field in the Title Agent contact.

I installed DoubleTime 7.0.6 and have existing CF6 in DoubleTime after May 15th, I ordered a Commitment product from the branch and they returned the CF6R schedules to my email as well as the FPX file to DoubleTime. What do I do?

If you have issued the CF6 Commitment from DoubleTime, the schedules in DoubleTime should be used to complete the Commitment. The CF6R schedules returned to your email should not be used. The FPX file can still be used to import the Exceptions and Requirements and will not change your CF6 format.

I ordered a CF6 Commitment A&B from DoubleTime 7.0.5 and then upgraded to DoubleTime 7.0.6, when I receive the FPX file will it change my Commitment to a CF6R?

No. If you have ordered a Commitment Branch Product (R20/R24) for a CF6 Commitment, when you receive the FPX file from the branch and import the data, it will keep your Commitment as a CF6 and format your BI Requirements and BII Exceptions accordingly.

I ordered a Rework for a CF6R Commitment and see that my Commitment number changed.

Because the Commitment number will always reflect the Fund Order number, the Commitment number on the CF6R form will change to the Fund Order number with a (-2).

I ordered a Rework for an existing CF6 Commitment after May 15th, when I import the FPX will it change my Commitment to a CF6R?

No. The FPX of the Rework will not change your CF6 Commitment type or format.

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