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ALTA Commitment CF6R

What if I have issued a CF6 using DoubleTime and then upgraded to 7.0.6. Will the CF6 change to a CF6R ?

No. Existing CF6 formatted Commitments will not change. There will be a grace period that will allow for both forms to be issued.

NOTE: Once you have upgraded to DoubleTime 7.0.6, all new files will generate a CF6R Commitment.

When will the CF6R be available in DoubleTime?

The CF6R is available in DoubleTime 7.0.6 and can be used immediately for new files after May 15th.

NOTE: On or about July 1st, the CF6 will no longer be available to use. A final decision on the exact date has not yet been made.

Where can I get more information about the CF6R?

Please visit our Information Center:

For additional information and instructions on filling out the Schedules and jacket:

Where do I enter the Loan ID?

The Loan ID can be entered in the Closing File module | Loan tab | Terms tab or the Loan Module | Classification tab.

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