Jimmy R. Jones

Chief Executive Officer

"I’m excited to be part of casting the vision for The Fund of the Future and working with others to make it a reality."

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B. Gwen Geier


"Every day is a gift and no two are the same."

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Jeff Rogero

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

"Each day is a gift with more blessings than we can ever realize, and it’s been my goal to make a difference in the world around me."

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Deanna Bolger

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer

“Florida is a beautiful place to call home.”

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Melissa Jay Murphy

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Secretary

“As The Fund looks to support attorneys in the future, I hope to help accomplish that goal in new and creative ways.”

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Ernie Houck

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Analysis

"Each day we must strive for constant and never ending improvement"

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Melissa Scaletta

Vice President, Chief Underwriting Counsel

“I enjoy working towards creative solutions to resolve these title concerns.”

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Kathleen Wall

Assistant Secretary

“I absolutely love to work with people and always hope to bring some joy and possibly a fresh perspective to any given situation.”

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