Full Membership

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Attorneys who wish Full Membership in The Fund and active title agent status with Old Republic National Title Insurance Company will fulfill the following criteria.

  • In good standing with The Florida Bar
  • Presently engaged in the private practice of law
  • Must provide proof of Professional Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of $250,000 per claim and a deductible of no more than $10,000 which includes title agents' coverage
  • Can pass a credit and background check

The minimum title insurance remittance requirement to Old Republic National Title Insurance Company through The Fund is $3,000. This fee begins the first calendar year after your one year anniversary as a Member. An annual service support fee of $1,000 will be charged if the title insurance premiums remitted for the [calendar] year does not equal or exceed that amount. This fee is charged to offset the cost of all the services a Fund Member receives. Only policies issued on Old Republic through The Fund and returned to The Fund will be credited to the minimum requirements. The discounted annual Service Support Fee is waived for the first year upon attending New Member Training.

In addition, each attorney signatory is a candidate to be a beneficiary of Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund, a Florida business trust, Ch. 609, F.S. The membership fee is $25 to be paid with the application. It is understood if the application is denied, this amount will be returned to the applicant.

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New Member Training

At the discretion of Attorneys' Title Fund Services, LLC, the applicant may be required to successfully complete the New Member Training Program offered by Attorneys' Title Fund Services, LLC prior to execution of an agency agreement.

Tuition for the training is $500 for each attorney signatory.  If the applicant is attending the training online, they are required to utilize a webcam which must be on throughout the entire training so that the facilitators can maintain visual contact. They may, on occasion, temporarily disengage the webcam to attend to exigent matters; however, abuse of this privilege may, at the facilitators’ discretion, require the applicant to repeat New Member Training or portions thereof before signing privileges may be afforded. New Member Training requires focused and undivided concentration, and attendance is mandatory for the entirety of the class.

The New Member Training course consists of both live classes and several “Preview” (pre-recorded) sessions that applicants must view and complete a brief quiz. Please note that applicants must complete all sessions of the training curriculum, including the Preview sessions, to be granted signing privileges.

New Members not attending the New Member Training Program are required to attend an orientation presented by their Business Development Advisor prior to final approval. This orientation details how to work with The Fund and take advantage of all our services.

Your copies of Fund Title Notes, rate books, and other helpful information will be delivered upon final approval of your application. For more information contact the Member & Agent Services Department, or call (800) 336-3863, extension 7878.

New Member Training Dates

Location Dates
Online - 2023 Mar. 01 Mar. 02 Mar. 03
Online - 2023 Apr. 12 Apr. 13 Apr. 14
Online - 2023 Jun. 21 Jun. 22 Jun. 23
Online - 2023 Jul. 26 Jul. 27 Jul. 28
Online - 2023 Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 25
Online - 2023 Oct. 04 Oct. 05 Oct. 06
Online - 2023 Nov. 15 Nov. 16 Nov. 17