Commercial Services

Assisting in commercial transactions.

A designated team of highly experienced commercial underwriting attorneys and examiners statewide.

The Fund’s Commercial Services Division is a sophisticated and innovative title insurance service provider designed to provide personalized priority attention to Members in connection with a very specific type of commercial transaction – typically, one which incorporates any combination of the following key elements:

The commercial transaction is in excess of $10,000,000.00.
It involves multiple parcels which are impacted by complicated title issues.
It involves multiple parcels located in several counties and/or states.
It requires lengthy and in-depth involvement of a commercial underwriting counsel for the purposes of:
  • Analyzing and resolving complex title issues and objections during due diligence and the course of the entire transaction
  • The development of practical solutions to challenging issues, from the viewpoint of an experienced practitioner who uses a holistic approach based on the overall details of the transaction.

In addition, we can refer you and your clients to appropriate due diligence providers through Old Republic’s Due Diligence Services.


There is a small group of underwriting counsel who each have an average of 30 years of practice involving commercial real estate transactions, and they have faced those problems and issues which are customarily encountered in high dollar, complex commercial transactions. They are prepared to assist and support you every step of the way.

In the event you would like further information relative to an upcoming transaction, please contact us to discuss whether that transaction would be appropriately served by our division.

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Commercial Services
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