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Effective Feb. 16, FIRPTA general withholding rate increases from 10% to 15%.


Email hackers are changing wiring instructions in order to steal the seller's proceeds.

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Held in two convenient Florida locations, The Fund Affiliate Assembly is a can't miss event for all paralegals and legal assistants.


The Fund is pleased to announce Basic Affiliate Training will be held on August 10-12 in Orlando.


Fund Affiliate Assembly will be here before you know it, and you don't want to miss out!

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DoubleTime® 7.0.4 includes feature enhancements and bug fixes!

Install the DoubleTime® 7.0.4 update to use new software features.

Read about the changes that will be most visible to you in this release. Download the Release Notes for more information.


Watch the video for an in-depth tour of some the most exciting features of The Fund’s new mobile APP.


DoubleTime 1099-S Year End Maintenance and IRS Electronic Filing Instructions View now

2.09 Using a CD and my Balance Sheet is out of balance by the 2nd loan proceeds.How do I do this?

7.10 A document name is showing up in red on the "Closing Document Selection window" when I access the Documents module. How do I fix this?