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An update is now available that has resolved many of the printing conflicts in WebATIDS.

New functionality has been added to WebATIDS on Monday June 18; specifically, to the printing process. The new feature called Print Queue will resolve printing conflicts reported by some WebATIDS users and will provide more printing flexibility and functionality.  It will store search results for 48 hours and allow results to be printed or saved as .pdf files.


In an effort to streamline efficiency and provide you the best support possible, we will be eliminating the ability to order paper jackets starting June 1.


This version is TILA-RESPA compliant for the 2017 Rule Amendments. A new text editor has been added to make working with the Documents module easier and you will now have the ability to email your Policy Jackets directly from the Document Selection window, as well as other improvements and bug fixes.

For more information, download the Release Notes.


Install the DoubleTime® 8.0 update to use new software features.

Read about the changes that will be most visible to you in this release. Download the Release Notes for more information.


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