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Keeping Track Is Easy with E-Closing DT

Did you know E-Closing DT’s secure, Member-branded Closing Portal includes status-tracking options with real-time updates via text or email? How easy is that! 

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Another Reason to Love E-Closing DT

One of E-Closing DT’s most valued features, Automatic Reconciliation, helps users prevent lossesreduce common accounting errors and safeguard escrow funds for a small additional monthly fee. 

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Communicate Easily, Securely & Automatically with E-Closing DT

3 More Reasons to Schedule A Demo

One of E-Closing DT’s many great features is the Closing Portal, a user-friendly tool that lets you communicate easily, securely and automatically with all transaction parties right within the software. 

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ATIDS XE Maintenance Release

An updated version of ATIDS XE will be available on Monday, August 29.

Upon launching the application, ATIDS XE will automatically check for and perform the upgrade once it is available.

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Work Safely & Securely with Cloud-Based E-Closing DT

Our industry is under attack by cybercriminals. Take the next step in data protection with cloud-based closing software E-Closing DT! Read More »