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Communicate securely and easily with all transaction parties.


As you know, E-Closing DT includes added security features to protect all parties against cyber-attacks, security breaches, phishing attempts and to ensure safe, encrypted transmission of wire instructions, messages and documents.


1-2-3, Pie, Sunday Morning.


Did you know that once you sign up for E-Closing DT you’ll have plenty of time to make the transition? As soon as you say yes to “Peak Performance for Your Practice,” we will work with you to find a time that suits your schedule.


Transitioning to E-Closing DT – The Switch is Easy 

Members have already been chiming in about how easy it is to make the switch from DoubleTime to E-Closing DT and here’s one we’d like to share:

“Easy peasy, lemon squeezy - kind of like cleaning the garage: you dread doing it, work hard for a bit and are so happy after it is done, you can't believe you procrastinated seven months.” — Fund Member, Gary Singer, Law Firm of Gary M. Singer, P.A.