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The drive for your success starts with our software and applications. These tools are specifically created to help you do your job quickly and accurately. This integrated solution streamlines your practice, puts title information at your fingertips, delivers documents directly to your desktop, and ensures accurate document preparation for closing. The Fund is Always Driven℠ for you and your practice every step of the way.


News and Alerts

Closing Protection Letters Not Available This Weekend

To improve your experience, we will be performing software maintenance beginning the evening of Friday, March 12 until Monday, March 15, 8:00 AM ET.

During this time, Closing Protection Letters will not be available in Web CPL, DoubleTime, ECDT and other integrations.

DoubleTime 8.7 Update Available Now

What’s new in DoubleTime 8.7? 

DoubleTime 8.7 includes the REINSTATED ALTA 9.3 Form for use in Florida and is inclusive of all other enhancements and bug fixes from previous versions.

Install the DoubleTime® 8.7 update to use new software features.

Access the latest DoubleTime 8.6 Features

The newest version of DoubleTime includes several key enhancements and additions to make your life easier.

Install the DoubleTime® 8.6 update to use new software features.