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An Integrated Solution for Real Estate Attorneys

The drive for your success starts with our software and applications. These tools are specifically created to help you do your job quickly and accurately. This integrated solution streamlines your practice, puts title information at your fingertips, delivers documents directly to your desktop, and ensures accurate document preparation for closing. The Fund is Always Driven℠ for you and your practice every step of the way.


News and Alerts

On Monday October 22, 2018 beginning at 7:00 AM ET through 7:30 AM ET you may experience intermittent access to the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the logon page for while we perform software maintenance.

During this time if you select ‘Forgotten Password’ you may receive a password reset email that does not contain a generated password for you to log in with which enables you to reset the password to your choosing. If this occurs please try again after 7:30 AM.

Exciting news regarding the next generation of DoubleTime.


An updated version of ATIDS XE will be available on October 10th after 8 p.m. Upon launching the application, ATIDS XE will automatically check for and perform the upgrade once it is available.

Billing Module Printer Error Fix

This release fixes a reported issue of an unhandled exception error being presented to the user when the user attempted to print a report from the Billing module, thereby preventing the user from printing Billing reports.