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An Integrated Solution for Real Estate Attorneys

The drive for your success starts with our software and applications. These tools are specifically created to help you do your job quickly and accurately. This integrated solution streamlines your practice, puts title information at your fingertips, delivers documents directly to your desktop, and ensures accurate document preparation for closing. The Fund is Always Driven℠ for you and your practice every step of the way.


News and Alerts

Stay Safe! Update ProPel by December 1

To maintain file security and functionality of your ProPel software, you MUST update by December 1, 2020. 


Install ProPel on Your Own.

  • Use the login associated with your ProPel license to download and install this update.
  • You will be asked to authenticate your FundNet User ID and password before the download begins.
  • You will need admin rights to the computer to complete the update. 

Download Security Patch


This security patch will update the file transfer module and is REQUIRED on all computers that use ProPel.

Access the latest DoubleTime 8.6 Features

The newest version of DoubleTime includes several key enhancements and additions to make your life easier.

Install the DoubleTime® 8.6 update to use new software features.

Be a Closing Hero with E-Closing DT’s Automated Tasking

Software feature streamlines every stage of the closing process. You already know that E-Closing DT is loaded with features, like Automated Tasking, to help you work smarter and faster. Haven’t used it yet? Well, you need to start and here’s why: