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DoubleTime To Be Retired January 2026. Curious about switching from DoubleTime to ClosingVue? Listen as Melissa Murphy and Maggie Thumberg discuss the DoubleTime retirement plan and what you can do now to prepare.

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DoubleTime 9.4 Now Available


What’s new in DoubleTime 9.4? 

DoubleTime 9.4 includes the following enhancements: ALTA 2021 Closing Protection Letter, 2023 Standard Commitment Clauses and the revised Old Republic Privacy Notice document.

Version 9.4 includes enhanced functionality in the ‘Signature/Notary’ area to comply with the new statute effective January 1, 2024 of adding an address to each witness on instruments to be recorded.

Install DoubleTime®9.4 to use new software features.

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DoubleTime® 9

Includes  ALTA 2021 Closing Protection Letters (CPL), 2023 Standard Commitment Clause updates,
Commitment (C21) template updates and Old Republic Privacy Notice updates.

And many more! Read the release notes to learn about all the new features and improvements!