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DoubleTime 9.0 Now Available


What’s new in DoubleTime 9.0? 

DoubleTime 9.0 includes the latest Standard Commitment Clauses and the new ALTA 39 Policy Authentication endorsement has been added.

Install the DoubleTime®9.0 to use new software features.

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DoubleTime Next Gen is Now... E-Closing DT


We know you’ve been wanting a Fund-supported cloud-based closing software, and we’re excited to say it will be available May 9, 2019!  

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DoubleTime® is not going away - it's getting better.


Exciting news regarding the next generation of DoubleTime.

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Important Reminder: Discontinuing Paper Jackets


In an effort to streamline efficiency and provide you the best support possible, we will be eliminating the ability to order paper jackets starting June 1.

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DoubleTime® 9.1

This version includes changes to the IRS 1099-S Copy B & C forms and their associated instructions for 2022.

And many more! Read the release notes to learn about all the new features and improvements!