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Escrow Accounting

9.01 How do I add an Escrow Account to DoubleTime?

  1. From the toolbar, select Preferences > Account Maintenance.
  2. Click on the Insert button (green plus sign)
  3. Enter in the Account Number, Account Description, Bank Name and the ABA Routing Number
  4. If you will be paying for your premiums electronically from DoubleTime with this account, make sure to check off the ePayment Default check box
  5. Close out by clicking on the Door icon to save changes

9.02 How do I post a Transaction Directly to Escrow Accounting?

  1. In the Escrow Accounting module, go to Actions>, Deposits or Disbursements >Post
  2. A Post Deposit (or Disbursements, depending on your previous choice) will appear, be sure to select the type of transaction (check, wire out, epayment, deposit or wire-in), enter the correct date, amount and file number then select the Post button

    NOTE: If you are posting a check that you want to print, complete all fields on this window EXCEPT for the Check No. box then select the Print and Post button. The print menu will appear and allow you to select your check template to print on and you will be asked to provide the first check number. When that check prints it will automatically add that check number to the transaction in DoubleTime’s Escrow Accounting.

    DoubleTime Screenshot

9.03 How do I Void a Transaction?

  1. Open the Escrow Accounting > Transaction Management screen
  2. Double-click on the item you wish to void to open it up
  3. Change the status from Outstanding to Void
  4. Enter in a Void Memo
  5. Click on Post

9.04 How do I generate a Deposit Slip?

  1. Open Escrow Accounting > Transaction Management and confirm that your deposit is posted
  2. Select Actions > Deposits > Generate Deposit Slip
  3. A window will appear that shows all outstanding deposits that have not been assigned to a deposit slip
  4. Check off the deposit(S) that you want to generate a deposit slip for.
  5. Check off the box “Manually Generate Deposit Sip”
  6. Enter in a Deposit Slip Number and select Post

9.05 How do I void a Deposit Slip?

It is important to understand that Deposit Slips can contain more than one deposit within itself. Keep this in mind when trying to locate the Deposit Slip.


When you void a Deposit Slip with multiple deposits, it will void all Deposits under this Deposit Slip.

  1. Open Escrow Accounting > Transaction Management, and locate the Deposit Slip (not the Deposit)
  2. If your Deposit Slip is not listed, make sure your date range reflects the date that the deposit slip was generated under
  3. Once the Deposit Slip has been located, double-click on it to open it up, change the status from Outstanding to Void and enter a void memo and select Post
  4. This will void the Deposit Slip and the Deposit