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Commitment Module

4.01 How do I add an unnumbered note in a Requirement or Exception to the Commitment or Policy?

  • Open the Commitment or Policy module.
  • At the end of an existing Requirement or Exception hit enter and enter the note.
  • Exit the module and save changes.
  • Open the Documents module and select the Commitment or Policy document. There will be an unnumbered note on the document.

4.02 How do I add the clause language for the lender name of insured?

  • Open the Commitment module and select the Mortgagee tab.
  • Place your cursor in the Name of Insured field after the lender name.
  • Select the Clause Library icon (blue grid with pencil). There are three standard clauses available for the Name of Insured. Hint: You can add other, user defined clauses for lenders. (How do I add a User Defined Clause to the Clause Library?)
  • Select the appropriate clause and click OK.

4.03 The Master Property Exceptions are not showing in the Commitment module. Why?

  • The Exceptions will not show if the Master Property was not entered in the Closing File module or if the Commitment module was opened before entering the property in the Closing File.
  • If the Master Property was not entered: Open the Closing File module, click the Property tab, and insert the Master Property.
  • If the Commitment was opened prior to the Property being entered in the Closing File module: Open the Commitment module, click the Copy Master Property Exceptions icon, and then click Add.