Foreign Interests FAQs for You & Quiet Title Forms for Non-Lawyers

Dear Members,

I have a friend who is on a three week trip to very exotic places in remote areas of the world.  I am in awe of his energy and curiosity about the world.  But was really impressed when I learned that he is doing it ALL ON POINTS!  He is a points master-mind.  I looked at the app he uses and was immediately overwhelmed with the time it seemed to take to manage this.  I was reminded of a much simpler way to save money:  the Back to School Sales Tax Holiday!  Lots of ways to save money starting July 24.  Here is a link to a flyer from the State.

On to more serious things.

Foreign interests in real estate.  We continue to get lots of questions from you about this new law.  Use our dedicated email for questions and we will respond as quickly as we can.  We have recently posted FAQs on the website and I invite you to use these as a tool to guide you through your transactions.  Here is a link  And stay tuned for an invite to our next webinar on this topic.  August 16 at noon.  Free!  30 minutes!   

Quiet Title forms.  HB 1419, which has been signed into law, directs the Clerks to provide suggested forms for a quiet title action based on a fraudulent conveyance.  Here is a link to the law.  More importantly, the Real Property Probate and Trust Law Section has developed suggested forms for the Clerks to consider for adoption.  The law was meant to provide a simple, straightforward way for citizens to clear their title; therefore, the forms and instructions are geared toward non-lawyers.  Here is a link to what RPPTL has come up with.

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Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer,
and General Counsel