Fall, Fraud & Foreign Interests

Dear Members, 

Happy Fall!  Hope you are settling into the new school routines, sports schedules and maybe a slight break in the weather.  Ryder Cup starts this week.  Go USA!

Cybersecurity Month Offerings.  Our own Legal Education folks have created a great series of programs for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  This year, we will be airing four all-new "town halls" that are anticipated to be engaging and informative.  Here is a link to a summary of everything available to you https://www.thefund.com/info-center/info-security/cybersecurity-programs-2023.pdf.  Please participate.  Cyber fraud is such an invasive threat to you and your business and you need to understand as much about how the fraudsters work as possible.  These presentations will be so helpful!

Title Fraud Popup Webinar.  And on October 4, I am hosting a Title Now popup webinar on Title Fraud, focusing on the new law in Florida addressing this major problem in different ways.  My guest will be the House sponsor of the bill, Rep. Will Robinson.  He's a Fund Member, too! Be sure to tune in.  It's free!  30 minutes!  Here's a link to register https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2791944130414465366.

Update on foreign interests in real property (SB 264).  We continue to get questions from Fund Members about various aspects of the bill and I encourage you to take advantage of our dedicated email for this purpose:  foreigninterests@thefund.com.  Keep those questions coming!  The Florida Real Estate Commission has initiated their adoption of "the" affidavit form and we believe they will be wrapping up that process soon.  Additionally, the Department of Commerce has promulgated a proposed rule that covers a range of issues, including the important issue of the registration requirement for foreign principals.  The rule is in its initial stages and we are paying close attention to the process.  We will keep you posted when the rule is finalized. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer,
and General Counsel