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Protect your information and avoid wire fraud with daily cybersecurity tips, live webinars and more.

Secure Your Email Protocols

Secure Your Email Protocols

Among other recommendations, the FBI suggests adding an email banner to messages coming from outside your firm and prohibiting the forwarding of email to external addresses. Learn more by reading this FBI advisory on Business Email Compromise fraud.

Move Archived Files to a Secure Location

Move Archived Files to a Secure Location

Understand your obligations under the Florida Information Protection Act, Sec. 501.171, F.S. and move archived files offline. 

Know Who to Talk To

Know Who
to Talk To

It’s not enough to have your bank’s branch manager on your speed-dial. To report suspected wire transfer fraud, you’ll want to immediately contact your bank’s Chief of Security. Don’t know who that is? Find out today!

Cybersecurity Tip 19

Gone Phishing?

Learn more about what’s involved in conducting phishing simulations and educating your staff. Here’s an article on Phishing Simulators. Companies like KnowBe4 provide educational materials for firms of all sizes. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link!


Cybersecurity Tip 18

Time Waits for No One

Talk to your insurance agent about bundling a cyber policy and a crime policy with a Social Engineering Fraud endorsement to your suite of coverages. Ask about any “call-back requirements” and whether they can be removed or favorably modified.

Cybersecurity Tip 17

Boo! Creepy Tales of Wire Fraud Scams

Register for the next Melissa Murphy TitleNow PopUp webinar, Boo! Creepy Tales of Wire Fraud Scams with CertifID’s Tom Cronkright. Tom is a leading authority on wire fraud cases and prevention methods and is himself an attorney and operator of a busy title agency.

Cybersecurity Tip 16

Department of Homeland Security

The DHS maintains a National Cyber Awareness System with a website chock full of tips and resources. View their October National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign.

Cybersecurity Tip 15

Are You at Risk?

Learn more about third party risk assessments and how to build a Third-Party Risk Management Program. Watch this on-demand webinar to get started. Here’s a short article from the Harvard Business Review on what a cyber risk assessment does (and does not) tell you.

Cybersecurity Tip 14

Safe at Home

Are employees (or you) working from home?  Have them acknowledge their laptops and PCs are password protected and Wi-Fi router passwords have been changed from factory settings. Here’s an article on changing Wi-Fi router passwords.

Cybersecurity Tip 13

Tips from a Pro

Watch this free Recorded Webinar hosted by Darrell Marsh, The Fund’s Computer Security Manager, Cyber Security in the Age of Cyber-Crime. Better yet, watch it with your IT manager and together consider implementing Darrell’s ideas and suggestions.

Cybersecurity Tip 12

From the Trenches

Register here for next Tuesday’s free Fund Town Hall, An Insider's Look at Cyber Security Cases, with Joseph Swanson, Esq. Hear from a Florida attorney whose practice is in part devoted to handling cases arising from cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity Tip 11

Obey the Commandments!

Follow The Fund’s 8 Cybersecurity Commandments and practice good cyber hygiene. Share PDFs of the Commandments and other valuable flyers with your staff and clients, now available as Digital Downloads from The Fund Shop.

Cybersecurity Tip 10

Assume the Worst

Assume every unencrypted email you send and receive is being read or forwarded by cyber criminals. Learn more about cloud computing. Read this recent Florida Bar News article, Are Your Client Communications Secure?

Cybersecurity Tip 9


View A Fund Roundtable: Cyber-Hygiene Tips You Need to Adopt Today. It’s free! Topics discussed include litigation exposure, passwords, website management and deterrence, servers and software concerns, insurance considerations, wire transfer issues and more!

Cybersecurity Tip 8

Cheap Is Good

Use a USB Data Blocker when recharging your smart phone in a public setting (e.g. airport) as data can be stolen during a charging session.  ZDNET says This Cheap Gadget Can Stop Your Smartphone or Tablet Being Hacked At an Airport, Hotel or Café

Cybersecurity Tip 7


Make each password a unique and nonsensical sentence or phrase at least 12 characters long (e.g. thejetswillwinthesuperbowl). Read what CNET says are The Best Password Managers for 2020.

Cybersecurity Tip 6

Say What?

Learn more about using encrypted email. Companies such as RPost, Barracuda, Virtru, Protonmail and Tutanota provide, for a fee, secure electronic communication. Get advice from your IT professionals.

Cybersecurity Tip 5

Good Enough for Bill

Read this 8/17/20 security note from Microsoft, Top 10 Ways to Secure Microsoft 365 Business Plans. It contains important tips on setting up multi-factor authentication; preventing auto-forward of email; protecting against ransomware, and more.

Cybersecurity Tip 4

Be Prepared

ALTA and FLTA provide excellent resources on combating cybercrime. Be sure you have incorporated ALTA’s Rapid Response Plan for Wire Fraud Incidents into your Best Practices Manual.

Cybersecurity Tip 3

Critical Links

Create a “Cyber Security” folder in your browser’s Bookmarks and add a link to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) to it. If wire transfer fraud is involved, file a complaint at

Cybersecurity Tip 2

Catch Part 2

Register for the Fund Live Webinar, Protecting NPI – Pillar 3, Part 2 airing on Oct. 6 at noon. This CLE and CE-Ethics and Technology accredited webinar examines best practices for protecting clients’ Non-public Personal Information. Linda Monaco hosts.

Cybersecurity Tip 1

No Bullseye Here

Read “Yes, You Are a Target,” published Sept. 8, 2020 by The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar. A competent lawyer understands the use and risks of technology, R. Regulating Fla. Bar 4-1.1, so keep yourself and staff educated. Visit The Fund’s Information Security page and learn more.