How to Become an Online Notary

  • What are the required steps to become a registered FL online notary?
    An existing Florida notary, civil law notary or commissioner of deeds, can seek to register as an online notary. The applicant must complete a 2-hour course. It costs $20 to enroll in the online certifcation course. The applicant must also identify a RON service provider, obtain a bond in the amount of $25,000, an errors & omissions policy in the minimum amount of $25,000 and submit an application to the Florida Dept. of State. Visit the Department’s website for more information.
  • Is there a video I can watch that explains all of this?
    Yes. Fund Members can view a free 20-minute video, How to Become a Florida Remote Online Notary by logging onto the Fund’s website and accessing the Digital Closings tab within the Information Center.
  • Is it expensive to become a Florida online notary? What are my out of pocket costs to get started?
    The total costs of registering to become an online notary in Florida is roughly $300. This does not include any subscription or contract fees with a RON platform provider.
  • I heard that there are a several reasons why the Dept. of State is rejecting applications to become a FL registered online notary. What are they?
    The state is requiring that the applicant submit a copy of the applicant’s notary commission. Be sure to submit a copy with the application, not a screen shot. In addition, some applicants are simply stating “yes” to the question of the selection of a RON service provider, rather than entering the name of the provider.
  • Does The Fund have a CLE accredited program on digital closings?
    Yes. Digital Closings & Remote Online Notarization.
    A deep dive into the new Florida remote online notarization laws. We examine the qualifications for registering as an online notary, the technology requirements imposed for online notarization, the process of confirming the identity of the principal and witnesses, the duties related to the notarial act of an online notary, the special concerns related to witnessing and certain estate planning documents, and the role of the RON Service Provider.