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Stay Informed on Digital Closings!

Learn about digital closings and how to get your practice ready.

Real estate closings will change over the next 2-3 years and move in the direction of less paper and more technology. Lenders are recognizing the efficiency and cost savings associated with processing loans digitally. Consumers are getting much more comfortable conducting business digitally. Our state has joined the movement by authorizing Remote Online Notarization (RON) effective Jan. 1, 2020.

RON Notary Course

Become an Online Notary Public!

Interested in becoming an online notary public under Florida’s new law? This course will teach you the rules and regulations for a Florida Remote Online Notary. Upon completion and passing the course you will receive proof of completion of course for submission to the Department of State.
Get started today.

An alternative option, use a online notary public that is already engaged by the RON Service Provider. Contact Melissa Murphy at or Michael Rothman at for more information. 

Steps to Get Ready Now

  • Designate someone in your office to become your subject matter expert on digital closings and RON.
  • Stay informed. We will help you do this.
  • Start eRecording. If you are not already doing this, eRecording is an easy way for you to begin embracing the world of eCommerce with real estate closings.
  • Research one or two of the digital closing providers such as Pavaso. Educate yourself on how they operate.
  • Watch free online demonstrations of how RON works.

The transition to digital closings will happen gradually as the various partners in the loan and settlement process identify ways in which the technology can increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and result in a better experience for everyone involved!


Video - RON Update: How to Become a Florida Remote Online Notary Watch Now

Learn the key components of the RON statutes and specific steps Florida notaries will need to follow in order to register as online notaries.

Video - Meet Pavaso – Providing eClosing & Remote Online Notary (RON) as a Competitive Advantage Watch Now

It has taken some time for eMortgages to gain adoption, but with the advent of Remote Online Notarization (RON) becoming effective January 1st, there is now presented a unique marketing opportunity to be among the first to support and promote digital closings as a competitive differentiator.

Video - Meet NotaryCam… and Hear From a User of RON Watch Now

Please join Rick Triola, Founder and CEO of NotaryCam, a platform for on-line notarizations, as he discusses how NotaryCam works and how it may benefit a Fund Member’s practice

Video - It's Here! Remote Online Notarization - What You Need to Know Now Watch Now

Learn about what the bill contains, what The Fund thinks it means for digital closings, and how you can start to prepare for implementation in your office when the bill goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

Video - A Closing Agent’s Guide to eNotes & Digital Closings Watch Now

Learn about the process and technology involved in digital closings, including the standards surrounding the use of eNotes from both a technological and regulatory perspective.

Video - Introducing the eClosing: What Fund Members Need to Know to Prepare Watch Now

Learn the different eClosing models and industry trends; insight into how the eClosing model is likely to take shape in Florida; discover the pieces needed for a fully digital closing and where the industry stands today in Florida; learn about processing times and costs for eClosings.

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Alert: Underwriting guidelines for RON

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The Fund's Digital Closings Team

A digital closing team has been formed to ensure we provide information, answer questions, and get you ready for this new way of conducting business.  Members of that team come from different areas of the company so that we can “cover all the bases” in helping prepare you for digital closings.

Members of the team and their contact information are listed below.