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Support News and Announcements

Important Reminder: Discontinuing Paper Jackets


In an effort to streamline efficiency and provide you the best support possible, we will be eliminating the ability to order paper jackets starting June 1.

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Learn About the Changes in DoubleTime® 8.0


This version is TILA-RESPA compliant for the 2017 Rule Amendments. A new text editor has been added to make working with the Documents module easier and you will now have the ability to email your Policy Jackets directly from the Document Selection window, as well as other improvements and bug fixes.

For more information, download the Release Notes.

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DoubleTime® 8.0 is Now Available


Install the DoubleTime® 8.0 update to use new software features.

Read about the changes that will be most visible to you in this release. Download the Release Notes for more information.

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Webroot SecureAnywhere Impact on DoubleTime


Yesterday, Webroot SecureAnywhere, an AntiVirus software, sent out an update that affected many customers by quarantining Windows program files. The Fund's DoubleTime® software was one of the applications affected.

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2017 1099-S Form Changes


What’s New? Foreign Transferors. A new checkbox has been added as box 5 to report the transfer of real estate by a foreign person. Previous box 5, Buyer's Part of Real Estate Tax, is now box 6.

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DoubleTime® 8.0


  • TILA-RESPA Rule Amendments for 2017 - Contains all of the compliances for the TILA-RESPA Rule Amendments for 2017
  • Improved Text Editor - An upgraded text editor has been added with improved functionality
  • Standard Affidavit Forms - All of the affidavits from the Affidavits Practice Manual have been added to the Documents Module.
  • Policy Jackets - Easily email you policy jackets from within the Documents Module.


  • Corrected Close File copy to include ‘Paid by Others’ POC and to preserve the TRID Variance Adjustment transaction type
  • Corrected ALTA reports when the word ‘Title’ was used in the description of the Closing Disclosure
  • Allow the EIN number to show for an LLC when used as the Title Agent
  • Show the Underwriter/Title Agent contact correctly on the Closing Disclosure 2 Column Ledger reports

And many more! Read the release notes to learn about all the new features and improvements!