E-Closing DT Launching at Assembly & NAR Facing Class Action

Here is some information for you to consider as you start thinking about your firm’s transition to the new application.   

Dear Members,

E-Closing DT Update

I know I recently mentioned in this blog that technology is not my “thing.” That hasn’t stopped me from getting excited about the launch of our new closing software, E-Closing DT, at Fund Assembly on May 9.  As you may know, The Fund decided early last year to find a modern closing software solution to serve your 21st century business needs and E-Closing DT was born.  There is a lot of information about E-Closing DT on our website at www.thefund.com/ECDT.  We are updating that site as more information becomes available, so check back from time to time to see what’s new.

In the meantime, here is some information about E-Closing DT for your consideration as you start thinking about your firm’s transition to the new application.

  • Due Diligence.  We know how vital closing software is to your practice and when thinking about what the next generation of DoubleTime looked like, we left no stone unturned.  Many options were considered, from developing something in-house, to licensing an existing product, to making a purchase.  After deciding to work with another company, we took our due diligence seriously.  We visited companies on-site, we watched product demos, we looked under the hood at technical specifications, and ultimately, we decided to work with E-Closing.  E-Closing is a family run company based in New Hampshire with similar values to The Fund and a product we are confident will serve your needs for decades to come.
  • Old Republic Buys E-Closing.  As luck would have it, Old Republic was also searching for a software solution for its small to mid-size agents throughout the country.  The Fund and Old Republic worked together closely during the due diligence phase and ultimately, Old Republic purchased E-Closing on Oct. 1, 2018.  This means E-Closing is backed by the financial stability of Old Republic and we can all be assured that decisions are being made in your best interest, as Old Republic agents.
  • Integrations, Integrations, Integrations!  One of the great things about DoubleTime is the ability to quickly and easily do business with The Fund.  We are committed to bringing that experience to you with our new application.  E-Closing DT is a special, Member-only version of E-Closing that will include The Fund integrations you rely on – policy jackets, CPLs, title information ordering and delivery, premium and policy remittance, and ATIDS XE.  It will also include a library of document templates, reports, and The Fund’s standard commitment clauses.  This is in addition to standard E-Closing integrations with Digital Docs, FedEx, Notary Loop, reQuire, RynohLive, Simplifile, and Your Dox.  
  • E-Closing DT is Completely Cloud-Based.  One of the drivers in The Fund’s decision-making process was bringing you a flexible solution designed for the way you do business today.  If you have a web-browser and an internet connection you can access E-Closing DT.  It works on Macs, tablets, and phones in addition to desktop computers.  Product updates will be pushed out automatically, overnight and on weekends to eliminate downtown for product updates.  This also means you will not need special hardware or servers just for your closing software.
  • Lots of Time to Convert.  Although the product will be ready on May 9, we are not asking you to be ready to convert that day.  We are anticipating it will take a couple of years for everyone to transition and we will be working with you to find a time to convert that will have minimal impacts on your business.  In the meantime, we will still be keeping DoubleTime compliant, so if there is a new policy jacket or change to the Closing Disclosure, you will be kept ready to do business.
  • Support Stays at The Fund.  After you make the transition, you can expect the same level of customer support as you have always received from The Fund.  That’s because the same people will be providing that support.  The Help Desk will continue to be based at The Fund’s Headquarters in Orlando, we will continue to have Member Support Representatives, and training designed specifically for Fund Members. 

I look forward to seeing you at Fund Assembly May 9 (if you haven’t registered, you can do so at www.thefund.com/assembly).  Take some time to join us in the Expo to see a demo of E-Closing DT, ask questions, and try out the product.  We have some special plans this year – you shouldn’t miss it!


Just making you aware that a class action was recently filed in Illinois against the National Association of Realtors and four major national brokerage companies over the use of Multiple Listing Services.   I am sure it will take quite a while to wind its way through the court system but I wanted to make you aware of it.  I don’t have much more information other than what I was able to get from a Google Search so if you want more information, I suggest you start there.

That’s all for this week.

Let me know how we can help you.

Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer,
General Counsel and Secretary