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Members are already chiming in about how easy it is to transition to E-Closing DT

“Easy peasy, lemon squeezy - kind of like cleaning the garage: you dread doing it, work hard for a bit and are so happy after it is done, you can't believe you procrastinated seven months.”

— Fund Member, Gary Singer, Law Firm of Gary M. Singer, P.A.

Here are some great tips about the transition process:

  1. Pick a date to switch 30 to 90 days from today.
  2. Contact your Advisor to get things started or go to thefund.com/ecdt
  3. Open a new trust account (if using E-Closing DT for Escrow Accounting).
  4. Start files in your current closing software until your (transition) date.
  5. Start files in E-Closing DT after that date.
  6. Do this for one month, or until you only have a few stragglers in your other software.
  7. Manually enter the stragglers in E-Closing DT.
  8. Revel in your new-found abilities!

Now the hard part:

  1. Clean out your old trust account of approximately 783 uncashed checks for less than ten bucks. You also get to clean out all the contacts and nonsense that has accumulated over the years.​


E-Closing DT, the closing software designed specifically for Fund Members, is here!


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Seamless Integrations:

  • Fund-exclusive integrations: CPL, Jackets, Product Ordering, Policy Submit, Policy Payment, ATIDS*
  • Electronic recording solutions through Simplifile & ePN*
  • 1099 filing with the IRS 
  • Lien release tracking through reQuire
  • Escrow management solutions with RynohLive or SafeEscrow
  • Notary services through NotaryLoop
  • Lien searches through PropLogix*
  • Shipping services with FedEx or UPS
  • Team collaboration with Slack

*Coming Soon!



Built right into the E-Closing DT workflow, these popular integrations eliminate the need to navigate to different screens to perform a task.

E-Closing DT comes equipped with The Fund's DoubleTime document library of 130 preloaded templates and The Fund's standard commitment clauses.

Practice-Enhancing Features

Close faster, securely and efficiently.



Customized Whiteboard


Automated Tasking

Automated Tasking

User-friendly, Intuitive Client Portal

User-friendly, Intuitive Client Portal

Electronic Document Storage

Electronic Document Storage

Easy Escrow Accounting

Easy Escrow Accounting

Two-Factor Authentication



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