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5.1 How do I add a file to Web ATIDS?

Please reference the Web ATIDS Workbook (link below) -- Using the Search Menu To Add A New File

5.2 How do I issue an ATIDS file credit when the deal fell through? (Fund Members Only)

Please reference the Web ATIDS Workbook (link below) – Adjustment Request

5.3 How do I search my legal?

To identify which legal description your document is posted to you will want to obtain the document posting information. The link to the Web ATIDS workbook (below) will assist you with this.
Please reference the Web ATIDS Workbook (link below) - Document Posting Information

NOTES: Only use this for the OR book and pages of deeds and mortgages – not for the ORs of Declaration of Condominiums.

To perform a search when you have a Document or Instrument (see Broward County Exception below) Number, go to the second reference and enter CN, the 4 digit year, and the rest of the numbers – you may eliminate the leading zeros, then select Next Category.

Broward County Documents

Effective January 1, 2015, Broward County moved from an Official Records (OR), Book/Page number as the primary document reference to an Instrument Number reference system (for example, INSTR # 112725637).

Please note that in ATIDS this INSTR # will appear as Clerk's Number (CN) 2015 2725637. The first two digits of the INSTR # "11" have been replaced in ATIDS by the year "2015." The ATIDS Clerk's Number format must be used to lookup documents in ATIDS.

When referencing documents in commitments and policies, each document must be described with the Broward County Instrument Number. This will require viewing the image to determine the first two digits that were dropped in converting to the ATIDS format.

5.4 How do I search my legal?

If you have the name of the plat or condominium:
Please reference the Web ATIDS Workbook (link below) – Plat Information from Plat Name

5.5 How do I search my legal?

If you have the correct Official Records (OR) or Plat Book (PB):
Please reference the Web ATIDS Workbook (link below) – View Sub/Condo Legals

5.6 I’m receiving ‘File Use Was Interrupted or Exited Incorrectly, Will Reset In 10 Minutes.’ What causes this message?

There are several reasons this error may occur:

  1. 1. Incorrectly closing the program by clicking on the X at the top right of your Internet screen
  2. NOTE: You should go to the main menu before exiting
  3. 2. Someone else is in the same file
  4. 3. Your Internet browser lost connection

You will need to call the Help Desk, 800-421-9378, to have this file reset.

5.7 How do I submit a Branch Product Order?

You can receive step by step instructions by viewing our On Demand Order Branch Products video at the following location.

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ATIDS Order Branch Products



This one-day training class is designed to show novice ATIDS users how to successfully complete a real property search. A two-day course is available upon request and includes additional practice sessions.

ATIDS II Advanced

For those who have attended ATIDS I, this one-day training class teaches you how to use the system for more complex searching techniques. The class also includes additional information on mapping, phase-type condos, and problem-solving transactions.

Please call (888) 407-7775 for schedule information or to register for a class.

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