The Latest RON Resources: Webinar, FAQs, Digital Document Signing Chart & More

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Dear Members,

I hope you had a great holiday weekend and took the opportunity to reflect on what this particular holiday means to us.  This year it has taken on a whole new meaning, hasn't it?  In my small, self-isolating world, I do not personally know anyone who is on the front lines with this pandemic.  So I rely on the media to remind me of their bravery and sacrifice in helping those stricken with the virus.  I hope you did the same.  Stay safe!

This week's Title Now Pop Up Webinar is all about RON!  Join Michael Rothman and Melissa Scaletta for a review of our updated FAQs.  We have developed these new FAQs to give you guidance on the law and on some practical issues Members have faced.  It will be an information-packed session so you will not want to miss it.  Thursday.  Noon.  FREE.  Here is a link to register.

Speaking of RON…….I am on the ALTA Digital Closing Task Force and we have created a chart of the various ways to get documents signed and assigned acronyms to each in order to create a standard "language" when we talk about how documents are signed.   Learn about RON, PRON, RIN, TWIN and IPEN.  Be in the know!  Here is a link to the chart.

Still speaking of RON…….  We have a resource for Fund Members that need help with utilizing RON for an upcoming closing.  It is the RON Member Locator Program.  We have put together a list of Fund Members that have registered as Florida online notaries and are willing to guide another Fund Member through the process, answer questions, or handle the signing of your documents!  They do not do this for free so you will need to work out a fee arrangement with them but they are very willing to help.  Reach out to them.  Here is a link to the list on our Vendor Marketplace.

We sent out a Member Survey last week and many of you have already responded.  It should not take long to complete and we are very interested in hearing from you.  I am particularly interested in hearing about new ways we can support you as you meet the challenges of the pandemic.  Here is a link to the survey if you have not yet responded.

Fund Assembly Online.  We remain dedicated to providing you with the best education and industry information even though we cannot gather in person.  Join us for Assembly 2020 Online.  The Assembly Planning Committee has worked very hard to put together a stellar line up of speakers on topics of significant interest.  (I have to give a shout out to Melissa Scaletta and Rene Rutan who co-chair this committee.  They have really stepped up and done a great job!)  The dates are June 11 and 12 and the registration fee this year for Members is an incredible $375!  I hope to see your name on the list!

And as a final note, I am recording the audio version of this posting sitting on the floor in my closet, hoping that the clothes and small space will help with the sound quality! I feel like a crazy person sending secret messages to whoever will listen……..

That's all for this week.  Stay safe.


Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer,
General Counsel and Secretary