Wrapping Up 2020 with a New Video & Fund Assembly Update

Here’s to a great 2021!

Happy December!  This will be my only blog for December because everyone is busy and I don't want to add one more email to your Inbox.  Some good things to share this time so happy reading.  And I hope you can find some joy and peace in this tumultuous time.  Stay well!

ASSEMBLY 2021 will be virtual.  Planning Assembly every year is a big job and begins in the late summer and fall.  This lead time required us to take a hard look at whether an in-person event in May 2021 made overall sense.  We concluded that the best decision is to keep Assembly virtual for one more year and offer a virtual experience that is even better than 2020!  Nothing is more important to us than the health of our Members, staff and business partners.  There is too much uncertainty around hosting a large in-person event so we made the call.   You will be receiving more information in the coming months (of course!) but here are a few things in which you might be interested:

  • Dates:  Wednesday, May 19, 2021 through Friday, May 21, 2021.  No Saturday sessions!
  • Combined Assembly and Affiliate Assembly events:  Simultaneous with Assembly, we will offer an Affiliate Track to respond to the needs of the paralegals, closers and licensed title agents.

We look forward to offering you a 2021 Fund Assembly that will deliver the best in class education The Fund is known for…in a safe and convenient way.

WHAT YOU DO IS IMPORTANT.  Last, I would urge you to take a moment to remind yourselves what it is you really do every day.  You help sellers downsize, you help sellers sell so that they can take that better job in another city, you help buyers with their first home and to achieve the American Dream…….and you protect property rights.  Here is a short video to help you take that moment to reflect and be oh so proud of yourself and your business.  https://www.thefund.com/we-are-title-people.aspx

Stay safe!  Let's look toward 2021 with hope and resolve to make it a great year.  Let me know how we can help you.