More RON Updates, Mail delays and Policy Lag and Members Helping Member

Week 6 of working remotely.  Besides missing happy hour with my friends and live sports, I am doing pretty well.  I hope you are, too.

Dear Members,

Week 6 of working remotely.  Besides missing happy hour with my friends and live sports, I am doing pretty well.  I hope you are, too.

This week's Title Now PopUp Webinar is a good one!  My guest will be Dr. Anirban Basu, who will speak to us about "the economy."  Now there's a profession I am glad I did not choose!  Dr. Basu is an accomplished economist who is in high demand as a speaker.  He is well known to The Fund, having spoken at Assembly in 2019 and several other Fund and Old Republic events.  He will bring his expertise and insight to what is going on in Florida, in the nation and in the world.  Dr. Basu has the ability to take economic indicators and communicate them in understandable (and often humorous) terms.  Tune in.  It's free.  30 minutes.  Noon on Thursday, April 30.  Here's a link to register.

A reminder of our Fund RON Member Locator program.  If you need guidance or any type of assistance with a closing you think can be facilitated with RON, there are Fund Members willing to help!  Go to our Vendor Marketplace and click on "Digital Closings" in the right hand column and you will find a link to "Fund RON Member Locator."  There you will find a list of Fund Members that are registered online notaries in Florida with RON experience.  They are available to help.  This is not a free service; you will need to work out a fee arrangement with them, depending on how much involvement you need.  But it is a good place to get help in the field.  Here's a link to the list.   If you want to be added to this list of Fund Members, shoot me an email,, and we can start the process. 

New RON Bulletin.  Yet another reminder of our new underwriting bulletin on RON.  This bulletin sets out the procedures you can follow to allow a Florida online notary to take the acknowledgement of a signer of wet-signed documents over a RON Service Provider platform.  You will soon hear more about a new process through Pavaso that supports this.  It's called "Essential Notary."  Stay on the lookout for more information.  In the meantime, if you have questions reach out to meMichael Rothman or underwriting.  

Mail delays and policy lag.  A double message here.  We have confirmed that there are delays in the delivery of mail across the state resulting from fewer flights and long-haul trucks carrying mail.  So if you have mailed policies with premium checks to us, they will get here eventually but you should expect some delays before those premiums are processed.  A related issue is directed to those of you who have policies and premium to send in.  Our records show that there are a lot of jackets out there that have been pulled by Members but we have not yet received the premium or policy related to those jackets.  The total is almost 15,000 jackets!  If there is any way you could use this time to get those premiums in to us, it would really be appreciated. Thank you!

Members helping Members.  I want to end this week's blog posting with a great story of how Fund Members are always there for each other.  Mid afternoon on Friday, I got a fairly frantic email from a Member in Naples, inquiring as to whether we had a notary in our office in Orlando.  She had a client that did not want to do an online signing of a deed and they needed the deed signed Friday afternoon.  We have only a skeletal staff at HQ so there was no one there.  But I reached out to Lew Oliver and Leslie Hannah at Oliver Title Law, a Fund Member in Orlando.  Oliver Title Law focuses on transactions and I hoped they had people in the office that could help.  Within 2 hours, Leslie had connected with the Member in Naples, the client had come by to sign and the executed deed was on its way back to Naples.  WOW!  Kudos to the folks at Oliver Title Law!  This shows that there really is a connection between Fund Members across the state.  It is amazing! 

Stay safe and let me know how we can help you.