Important RON Alert, Exciting Event Announcements and A Heads Up

Florida Realtors CEO Margy Grant slated for Title Now PopUp Webinar this Thursday.

Dear Members,

This week I installed a USB hub on my laptop (needed a few more accessories "plugged in") and a better camera than the one that came with my laptop.  Ta da!

The next Title Now Pop Up Webinar will feature Florida Realtors CEO Margy Grant. Margy is a familiar face at Florida Realtors, having served there since 2005.   Margy is a member of The Florida Bar, the Massachusetts Bar and the California Bar (inactive).   She is very knowledgeable about the real estate industry and is a strong advocate for her Realtor members!  It should be a great discussion so please join us.  Thursday, April 23 at noon.   It's free and I will try to keep it to less than 30 minutes.

Modified guidelines for insuring RON transactions.  Late Friday afternoon, we issued a revised underwriting bulletin on RON.  All Fund Members received the bulletin via a Fund Alert.  We will now insure some transactions based on wet-signed documents signed and acknowledged over a RON Service Provider platform by a Florida online notary.  I urge you to read the bulletin carefully.  It contains a detailed outline of the types of transactions and the procedures that must be followed before you can go forward with this option.  We expect lots of questions so feel free to reach out to me, Michael Rothman or underwriting.  Here is a link to the bulletin.

Assembly 2020 is coming!  We are finalizing the plans right now but we have arrived at the dates: June 11 and 12.  Presentations will be a mixture of live broadcast and pre-recorded.  We opted to pre-record several presentations in order to reduce the risk of a last minute technology failure (e.g., internet interruption or equipment failure).  We want to maximize the likelihood of a seamless experience for our Members.   Stay tuned for registration information in early May.  Thank you for your support of The Fund!  (P.S.  Refunds for the in-person Assembly were mailed on April 10 to the office address provided at the time of registration.)

Delivery issues.  I am hearing bits and pieces of difficulties with delivery of mail and packages through the "regular" overnight companies and the US Post Office.   The best advice I have for you is to verify that the private vendor will deliver to the particular address (some residential addresses are a problem) and be aware that if you are delivering to an office, the office may "appear" to be closed to the vendor and they won't go in.  One more thing to worry about.  Sorry.

That's all for now.

Stay safe and let me know how we can help you.

Melissa Jay Murphy

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer,
General Counsel and Secretary