Be a Security Hero

This week's blog post includes: FLTA CyberSecurity Road Show(s), the most common issues you address with buyers.

Dear Members,

One of the best things about our affiliation with Old Republic is the access to training videos on a variety of topics.  I just  reviewed the training video on Cyber-Security and while it was not as riveting as an episode of Big Little Lies or Game of Thrones, it was pretty darn compelling.  It is SO EASY for the bad guys to fool you and either get you to disclose your password or download a virus, worm or malware.  So here are some ideas I will share with you so that you, too, can BE A SECURITY HERO!

A Security Hero is someone who makes security-minded decisions every single day, all day long.  And the place to start is with your password.  Passwords are the key to staying secure.  Attributes of a strong password:

  • It's long - 20-25 characters.
  • Easy to remember (kind of an oxymoron with the first one, but doable).
  • Does not contain any personal information.
  • You change it regularly or at least change it immediately if you suspect a compromise.

Other things a Security Hero can do:  Have a "no click" policy in your work flow.  Incentivize your staff to think two, three or four times before they click on any link or attachment that they are not 100% certain is legitimate.  I think our technology geeks should come up with something comparable to car airbags that would deploy if you even start to click on a link or attachment; somehow your mouse would sense this and KABAM…….you would be forced to give that click a second thought.  Just an idea…..

FLTA CyberSecurity Road Show(s).  FLTA's CyberSecurity Committee takes its responsibilities seriously and has organized three seminars to help agents stay up to date on how they can protect themselves and their customers/clients.  Registrants will have the opportunity to hear from experienced professionals and consultants covering cyber exposure, basics to cyber fraud, overview on building a cyber policy and understanding cyber regulatory compliance.  Here are the dates/locations: 

  • Tampa, 9/17/19
  • North Orlando, 9/18/19
  • Ft. Lauderdale, 9/19/19

Link to register:

Different topic.  I am interested in gathering info about the ways Fund Members serve their buyer clients.  This might help me create some messaging around the value that you bring to a closing.  So…….email me here with the 5 most common issues you address with buyers.  Examples:

  • How best to hold title, e.g., TBE, TC, JTWRS
  • Homestead exemption - requirements, how to deal with two-household families, title held with children, etc.
  • Why they need title insurance; what it covers; what it doesn't cover
  • Terms of their mortgage loan


Let me know how we can help you.


Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer,
General Counsel and Secretary