Embrace Opportunities for Growth

ALTA One | Legal Education | RECS are rocking! | REPC Spring Session 

Dear Members:

Fall is finally here and I think everyone is enjoying some cooler weather.  At The Fund, this time of year also finds us engaged in a review of 2018 and looking forward toward 2019.  Many of you are probably doing the same thing!  No one has a crystal ball but I am sure of one thing for next year:  The Fund is planning some great things when it comes to supporting our Members!  In the meantime, there are several things that I want to bring to your attention.

ALTA ONE. I attended ALTA's annual meeting recently (with Jeff Rogero and Maggie Thumberg) and came away with some good stuff - big picture stuff and small picture stuff. Here's a helpful cyber-fraud prevention hint: flag the words "kindly" and the use of a lowercase "i" instead of "I" in your emails. Apparently cyber criminals (often not from the United States) frequently use this wording or grammar. If an email has this kind of language, you should proceed cautiously! We also got great information about the types of technology we should pay attention to and I am personally happy to report that Blockchain is not one that we need to focus on right away. We can't ignore it, but other technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a role before Blockchain.

The theme of the meeting was "Defy Convention." The content around that theme focused on the need to do things differently than the way they have always been done…..embrace the opportunities to do things differently and be open to new ways of doing business.

Legal Education.  Our Legal Education Department continues to produce and deliver some very exceptional programming. For those of you in need of CLE credit, I urge you to take advantage of the high quality and affordable seminars that you can watch live and on-demand. At noon on November 13th, the Legal Education Department presents There’s No Place Like Homestead, a live webinar that touches on all things homestead, including the new “spousal waiver” statute. Check out the Education tab of The Fund’s website for CLE availability for this webinar – and a whole lot more.

RECS are rocking! Our network of Real Estate Councils, under the banner of the Attorneys' Real Estate Councils of Florida ("Florida ARECS"), is really making a push to promote the use of real estate attorneys by Realtors®.  On October 1st The Fund began advertising in the Florida Realtors® Legal News under the ARECS banner. Florida Realtors® Legal News is an eNewsletter distributed bi-weekly to over 105,000 subscribers. The ads send readers to the Florida ARECS Realtor® page  where they can read the featured article, obtain resources and, of course, find an attorney!

Fund staff wrote the initial articles featured in the ads but we would like to feature articles written by our Members. If you have an article you would like us to include in our ad campaign, please contact Rene Rutan at rrutan@thefund.com. The campaign is already generating leads which we are distributing through the local Real Estate Councils. Don’t miss out! Become a member of your local Real Estate Council and be a part of it.

REPC Spring Session Registration

The Real Estate Paralegal Certification Program we have created with Seminole State College has been so successful they want to open up a second class! Enrollment is now open for the 2019 Spring Session, so if you are interested in finding out more information, visit TheFund.com/REPC.

Let me know how we can help you.

Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Secretary