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Breaking News & Technology

Richard Cordray has resigned and is running for Governor; Technology is here to Stay; New Resource at The Fund; Estoppel Certificate Fees


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6 New Laws of Interest

Here is a summary of 6 new laws that you should be aware of, including changes to Estoppel Certificates, Condominium Laws, and the new Proper...


General Counsel Blog

7 Simple Ways to Prevent Cyber Fraud

Advice from the FBI on Cyber Fraud, New ALTA Commitment Form FAQs, and Title Now. Cyber fraud continues to be an issue in our industry.


General Counsel Blog

Exciting News from Tallahassee

Updates and details on the "Estoppel Bill"; New Episode of Title Now Available. On June 14, 2017, Governor Scott signed Senate Bill...


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Summer 2017 Updates

Summer 2017 brings lots of things that require the attention of Fund Members! DoubleTime 7.0.6 Release, New ALTA Commitment Form, and Legisla...


General Counsel Blog

New ALTA Commitment Tidbit

Clarification on Section 4 of the Commitment Jacket; Cyber Fraud News & Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim


General Counsel Blog

Your Weekly ALTA Commitment Tidbit

Clarification on Schedule B-I of the New ALTA Commitment


General Counsel Blog

New ALTA Commitment Tidbits

ALTA Universal ID; Lender Action for Low Volume Closing Agents


General Counsel Blog

New Fraud Scheme - Bogus Corporate Annual Reports!

New Fraud Scheme – Bogus Corporate Annual Reports! Sneak Peak at New Commitment Form. FR/BAR Contract Revisions.


General Counsel Blog

FinCEN Update, 1099-S and ALTA License Fees

General Counsel News: FinCEN Update, 1099-S & ALTA License FeesCurrent GTO to expire tomorrow; ALTA emails not a scam.


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