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Feature Overview

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Seamless Integrations

30+ Built-in Integrations. Work Smarter and Faster.

  • Electronic recording solutions through Simplifile & ePN
  • 1099 filing with the IRS 
  • Lien release tracking through reQuire
  • Escrow management solutions with RynohLive or SafeEscrow
  • Notary services through NotaryLoop
  • Lien searches through PropLogix, Property Debt Research & Skyline Lien Search
  • Shipping services with FedEx or UPS
  • Team collaboration with Slack
*Coming Soon!

Fund Exclusive Integrations

  • Closing Protection Letters
  • Jackets
  • Product Ordering
  • Policy Submit
  • Policy Payment
Coming Soon!
Fund Exclusive​ Features
  • 130 preloaded templates from DoubleTime®
  • Standard commitment clauses

Practice-Enhancing Features

Close faster, securely and efficiently.



Access your data from any web-enabled device.

Access and manage files safely and remotely from any connected device (including smartphones and tablets), anywhere. Whether you're traveling, at a clients' office, or working from home, working in the cloud means your files are always easily accessible

Updates will be pushed out automatically overnight and on weekends to avoid any workflow interruption. No special hardware or dedicated server required.

Compatible on Mac & PC. Supported on the latest browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.


Customizable by you for your preferences.

Work all active files from a single screen and view what you want, the way you want it. The Whiteboard is loaded with powerful information that allows you to track statuses, manage message notifications from the closing portal, sort by 40+ transaction data points and easily perform post-closing tasks. The Whiteboard is your one place to view your entire transaction pipeline.

Automated Tasking

Maximize efficiencies through every stage in the closing process.

Streamline your operations by assigning automated tasks based on role, file type and key file dates. This means important tasks can't be forgotten or left incomplete and will help you minimize errors, increase efficiency and close faster.

Closing Portal

User-Friendly, Intuitive.

Communicate with your clients easily, securely and automatically. The portal allows you to communicate status updates to your clients simply by completing tasks within the software. During the closing process, documents and messages can be shared between you and all transaction parties. Notifications are sent via email and text message to parties when there are documents or messages awaiting them in the closing portal.

Electronic Document Storage

Unlimited File Storage.

Work seamlessly in a paperless environment and store your closing file documentation securely as you work the file through post-closing. Upload directly, drag and drop into the file or use the barcode scanning system.

Easy Escrow Accounting

Balance, Disburse and Reconcile.

Prevent losses, reduce common accounting errors and safeguard escrow funds. Through its dual ledger system, ClosingVue automatically balances your files before funds can be disbursed. Escrow accounting gets even easier when ClosingVue calculates expected receipts and disbursements. All that’s left is net-funding a few lender fees, selecting which disbursements will be wired and then printing your checks.


Work safely and securely.

Take the next step in data protection with the latest safety and security features. Drawing on ClosingVue's more than two decades as an established and trusted secure cloud services provider, ClosingVue protects all parties against cyber-attacks, security breaches, phishing attempts and ensures safe encrypted transmission of wire instructions, messages and documents.

  • Two-Factor Authentication helps prevent identity theft by requiring entry of a code (sent to the user’s phone) at login.
  • 2048 Bit SSL Encryption protects your data and documents in transit using high grade encryption.


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