Deed and Mortgage List

The Deed and Mortgage List gives you both deed and mortgage information pertaining to a real estate transaction. With this detailed data you can:

  • Identify your market share in a particular area

  • Identify which areas of a particular county have the most real estate activity

  • Determine which lenders are generating the majority of loans in a specific county or zip code

The following are your data selection options for the Deed and Mortgage List, as well as the kind of information this report provides.

Selection Options

Time Frame
Property Type
Deed Type
Minimum/Maximum Sales Amount
Minimum/Maximum Mortgage Amount
Specific Zip Code(s)

Information Provided

Buyer/Borrower Name
Buyer/Borrower Address
Seller Name
Lender Name
Lender Address (when available)
Property Address (when available)
Date of Filing
OR Book/Page Number
Tax Folio Number (when available)
Sales Price
Mortgage Amount
Mortgage Type
Legal Description

You can also find out about other SDP lists, or contact the Data Marketing Services department.