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A collection of Members-only tools & resources to help you grow your practice.  

Value of a Real Estate Attorney
Promoting Value & Raising Awareness

No one really understands the value you bring to a real estate transaction.
It’s time they knew!

‚ÄčThese two campaigns promote the value of working with a real estate attorney to real estate professionals and consumers.

The Campaign Media Kits include:

  • Ready-to-Share Social Media Images & Suggested Captions
  • A Print-Yourself Postcard
  • A Promotional Flyer to Print or Attach in an Email

Download the Kits!

Be a Real Estate Superhero!
Deliver Twice the Benefit as a Dynamic Duo.

Dynamic Duo Media Kit

Promote your practice directly
to real estate professionals!

My Real Estate Attorney
Saved the Day!‚Äč

Superhero Media Kit

Promote your practice directly
to consumers!

Join a Florida Attorneys' Real Estate Council to be listed in the Real Estate Attorney Directory!

Ready-to-Share social posts are available in ConnectOR by The Fund.



Marketing Tools

  • Daily Marketing Ideas & Tasks - Get Started
    A helpful calendar of “20 Days & Ways to Connect” with clients, referral sources and prospects in just 15-20 minutes a day.
  • ConnectOR by The Fund - Get Started
    Boost your firm’s social media presence and connect with realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers in no time at all.
  • Marketing Flyers - Get Started
    Build your reputation as a helpful resource! Use in direct mail, leave-behinds with customers, include them with invoices, hand out to event attendees, email or social media.
  • Vendor Marketplace - Learn More
    This online directory makes it easy and convenient to connect with a select group of trusted vendors who stand ready to provide top-notch marketing services.



Expand Your Network

Establish a network of real estate professionals and experienced Florida real estate attorneys.
Start connecting for referrals, matters outside your expertise or service area and to keep your sales pipeline full.

 Florida Attorneys' Real Estate Councils
Cultivate relationships among real estate attorneys and real estate professionals through education and local networking events. 

Join a REC
The Fund Real Estate Forum
Interested in seeing the kinds of issues Fund Members across the state are dealing with… or have a question? It is an incredible resource and it is FREE to join.

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Make an Impression

  • Business Essentials Collection - Learn More
    Order the personalized print collection of business essentials.
    New Members Save 25%
    • 100 Foil Stamped Folders
    • 500 Business Cards
    • 500 Letterhead Sheets & Envelopes
    • 10 Popular Flyers to Share with Clients & Prospects
  • The Custom Collection - Learn More
    Order hand-crafted items that make great gifts and are a perfect way to say “thanks for your business” at the closing table and beyond.
Make an Impression

Marketing Webinars

Watch & Learn

  • Attract More Business in Any Market - Watch Now
    49 mins. Use your own business intelligence to find new business, leverage online tools more effectively and use your own website like a bull horn!
  • Don't Sell... It’s Time to Get Connected, Part I - Watch Now
    40 mins. Learn how mindset sets you apart and why attitude attracts more wins.
  • Don’t Sell…Connect, Help – Part II - Watch Now
    35 mins. Give people a reason to do business with you. Be helpful and leverage your team's strengths for more wins.
  • Don’t Sell…Connect, Help, Win – Part III - Watch Now
    40 mins. Implement a roadmap to build a steady pipeline and marketing strategy to attract the customers/clients you want.
  • Website Best Practices and Educating Different
    Customer Groups -
    Watch Now
    50 mins. This course will explain Best Practices for websites, demonstrate how the inclusion of educational information can assist the various client and customer groups, and provide useful tools to accomplish these objectives.