Conveyances to Foreign Entities
Part III, Chapter 692, Florida Statutes

The Affected Real Property

What lands are affected by the law?
Agricultural land and land on or within a radius of 10 miles of a “critical infrastructure facility” or a “military installation.”

Is “agricultural land” defined in the law?
Yes. Sec. 692.201(1), F.S. defines agricultural land as land classified as agricultural under s. 193.461, F.S.

Are “critical infrastructure facilities” defined in the law?
Yes. See s. 692.201(2), F.S. for the complete list of facilities.

Is “military installation” defined in the law?
Yes. See s. 692.201(5), F.S. for the definition.

Is there a map showing the locations of all critical infrastructure facilities and military installations in Florida?



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