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Interested in seeing the kinds of issues Fund Members across the state are dealing with……..or have a question to pose to a group of Fund Members? The Fund's Real Estate Forum is for you! It is an incredible resource and it is FREE to join. 

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The forum was established to discuss legal concerns affecting real estate transactions, real estate litigation,
and other real estate matters. We encourage dialogue on any topic that can help you and your practice.

“New case opinions are frequently discussed in the week they are issued. The requests for second opinions are intelligent, and most receive several responses showing a diversity of attitudes and approaches. The Forum has a uniformly friendly and helpful tone. I find reviewing messages to be a blessed relief from the rapid-fire of daily practice and I am delighted to respond to the issues I have considered. It is great for experienced and for young attorneys.”

-- Fund Member

“I just wanted to give a general shout out for the list serve and the myriad resources it can bring to bear. I posted a question about Baker Act procedures earlier, way off topic for a real estate/title list serve. I was led to a preeminent attorney in another part of the state, that I would never have known about otherwise. As a result, my client is going to get the assistance she needs by someone who knows what they’re doing. ”

-- Fund Member

This forum is probably the single most useful resource for a sole practitioner such as me. Always thoughtful questions, answers, and analysis. I’m never afraid to ask questions or show my ignorance on any given subject! We all know something, but no one knows everything!”



-- Fund Member


Experienced & Young Attorneys

Get second opinions and responses with diverse attitudes and approaches:

  • Interact with a network of experienced Florida real estate attorneys.
  • Gain insight into complex underwriting, regulatory and legislative issues and more.
  • Find attorney referrals for matters outside your expertise or service area, and vice versa.
  • Build relationships with Fund Member attorneys in the forum.
  • Access exclusive resources like the forum membership directory and forms library.


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A collection of forms that are useful to the Florida real estate practitioner. All forms have been created in rtf format and are easy to download and modify in any type of word processing software.

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