8 Videos / 1 hour 49 minutes

ATIDS XE Overview

ATIDS XE is the “next generation” alternative to Web ATIDS. This video provides and demonstrates an overview of the features and benefits of ATIDS XE.

Ownership and Encumbrance Search

Learn how to run this inclusive search using Web ATIDS. This search will provide the user with details regarding ownership and encumbrances filed against real property.

Order Branch Products

The first training video in this series will provide instructions regarding placing an order utilizing the Funds product ordering and tracking software system. How to attach documents and how to attach notes to an order are also covered in this informational video. Whether your firm utilizes WebATIDS, ATIDS XE or to place their product orders, the order entry process is exactly the same.

Branch Products Search and Status

The second training video in this series reviews how to efficiently search and locate a branch product order. Learn how to easily check the status of a branch product order. Also provided in this presentation is a detailed review of all status definitions.

Document Posting Information (LKUP)

Need help with what to enter in ATIDS for a legal description to run a property search? If you have recording information on a document that includes the legal description, this video will demonstrate the support transaction that will provide you with the posting information you will need to run the property search.

Plat Information from Plat Name & View Sub/Condo Legals

Do you have an incomplete legal description or need help with a confusing legal description? This video will demonstrate two support transactions that assist with obtaining the required information to run a property search.

Commercial Name Variation

There may be other variations of a commercial name. Not only is it a requirement to search for the commercial name, but for any variations of that commercial name. In this short video, learn how ATIDS supports searches for name variations of a commercial name/entity.

Prior Policy Search

How has The Fund made it easier for you to order a prior policy using Web ATIDS? Check out this video outlining the redesign, ways to save you time, how to use the legal description entered on a prior policy search, and the guidelines to making your search much more efficient.