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TRID Rules Implementation Date Finalized

What the delayed implementation means for you.

8/3/2015 11:56:35 AM

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Questions About TRID Rules

DoubleTime, ALTA, and a New Information Center

7/20/2015 9:51:50 AM

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Allowable Changes Settlement Agents Can Make

Important Subtleties To Be Aware Of In The Closing Disclosure

7/9/2015 3:46:30 PM

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Significant Change is in the Air

60 days, policy lag time, and same-sex marriage. We say time and time again change happens. Now that that the new TRID comes into ...

7/7/2015 3:10:12 PM

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Top 5 Things To Do With The Extra 63 Days

CFPB has moved the effective date again.

6/25/2015 3:28:03 PM

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Update: Issuance of Final Policies

Policy transmittal and remittance lag, closing insight, lender communications, third party certification, FAR-BAR contract

6/19/2015 9:38:27 AM

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CFPB Updates

CFPB restrained enforcement, Wells Fargo, and unlawful inducement

6/15/2015 2:10:11 PM

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Updates on CFPB

Preparing to use Closing Insight

6/1/2015 10:00:29 AM

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New Data Call Rule

As your General Counsel one of my jobs is to scan the horizon for things that will affect you. There are two things that are important for us...

5/18/2015 1:58:35 PM

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The CFPB Hotline is Now Available

The Fund has developed a full range of resources for you to learn about and be ready for the new closing process rules created by the Consume...

5/11/2015 1:43:44 PM

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