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Consider Real Property Transaction Law!

As a real estate attorney, you would protect property rights and ensure efficient, secure, reliable, professional, accurate and safe transactions for buyers and sellers.

  • Help sellers downsize, upsize, move to a better job in another town.
  • Help buyers purchase the home they’ve always wanted and achieve the American Dream.

Think about how important this is – to our society, to our economy, to making Florida a place where people can confidently invest in real property!

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We have put together a collection of education and resources to help you decide if transactional real property law could be in your "Life After Law School" plans.

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The Closing Process: From Contracts to Keys

Closing on a property can seem daunting. We've turned it into easy to understand steps. Learn how straightforward the process is and how important real estate professionals and title agents.

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Transactional Real Estate Foundations Series 

In-depth videos the explain an overview of the essential basics of real property transaction law. Including The Closing Process, Residential Real Estate Contracts, Title Examination, Meeting Commitments and Surveys and Legal Descriptions. 

Fund Assembly Online | May 19-21

Fund Assembly

Wow! Join 500+ Florida real estate attorneys June 16-18, 2022 for great speakers, important topics and networking opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.  

Florida ARECs

Build Your Network with Attorneys' Real Estate Councils of Florida

See if a REC near you is hosting an event. It’s a great way to expand your network, build relationships and enjoy unique educational opportunities. Find that mentor you've been looking for. This website is loaded with industry-specific resources: downloads, videos, articles and publications.  

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What The Fund Does for Real Estate Attorneys

What The Fund Does for Real Estate Attorneys

Florida real estate attorneys practice law in one of the most complex, regulated and challenging markets in the country. Today’s fast-paced environment demands accurate, reliable information and support from a team they can trust. That’s where The Fund comes in. More than 4,000 Members rely on our services, education, and technology to enhance their practices and provide a competitive edge.

We offer numerous resources for our Members that give them the edge they need to better protect the public and serve their clients. No other underwriting company offers industry-leading education, training and a full complement of products, support and publications.

Who is The Fund

The Fund delivers residential and commercial title services, best-in-class legal education, and practice-enhancing resources to help our Fund Members statewide close real estate transactions smoothly and confidently.

The Fund is the only underwriting company focused solely on promoting and facilitating the practices of our Florida real estate attorney Members in their protection of the public. Backed by the strength of Old Republic Title.