New Member Training
Jump Start Your Transactional Real Property Practice  

The Fund instituted the New Member Training class In response to requests from attorneys who wanted to implement transactional real property practice, and had no access to professional mentoring or other training.

This intensive 3-day training class covers procedural and legal issues encountered by real estate transactional attorneys. Learn the dynamics of a transaction from contract through closing, to policy issuance, to impart a conceptual understanding of title insurance, and acquaint yourself with all of the resources that The Fund provides.

New Member Training Dates

Location Wed. Thurs. Fri.
Online Sep 21 Sep 22 Sep 23
Online Oct 19 Oct 20 Oct 21
Online Dec 7 Dec 8 Dec 9

Some of the topics covered in the class include:

  • Title examination and insurance
  • Contracts
  • Policy preparation
  • Regulation of title insurance and settlement services
  • Claims avoidance
  • Trust account management
  • Policy provisions

The Fund's Legal Education team seeks to mentor you through the transition into active real property practice by providing you with contact, feedback, support and directional assistance throughout your first year of membership. Learn more about Membership with The Fund.

For more information, contact your Business Development Advisor or the Education Registrar at (888) 407-7775 or via email at