DoubleTime® 7.0.5 - Enhancements & Fixes Update


Windows 10 Compatible

Important:  You must have DoubleTime® 7.0 or higher installed to upgrade to 7.0.5.

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Yesterday, Webroot SecureAnywhere, an AntiVirus software, sent out an update that affected many customers by quarantining Windows program files. The Fund's DoubleTime® software was one of the applications affected.

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DoubleTime® 7.0.5 includes feature enhancements and bug fixes!

Install the DoubleTime® 7.0.5 update to use new software features.

Read about the changes that will be most visible to you in this release. Download the Release Notes for more information.

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IMPORTANT: New location of Update Branch Product Orders

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Enhancements & Fixes

DoubleTime® 7.0

  • Closing Disclosure - WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface for quickly adding information to the form
  • Improved Efficiency - Closing Disclosure information automatically populates from information added in other modules
  • New Loan Module Enhancements - The loan module has been revamped to accommodate all of the new data required to be on the Closing Disclosure.
  • Updated SCC Clauses - All of the new 2015 Standard Commitment Clauses from The Fund's SCC Handbook have been added to DoubleTime's Clause Library

DoubleTime® 7.0.5

  • Per the 2017 Instructions for Form 1099-S, the existing ‘Foreign Seller’ checkbox has been added as Box 5 to report the transfer of real estate by a foreign person. Previous Box 5, Buyer's Part of Real Estate Tax, is now Box 6.
  • The ability to create a 'New Master' from a current Standard or Custom template has been added to both Check Templates and Deposit Slip Templates in the Escrow Account Check/Deposit Slip Customization module.
  • A checkbox “Exempt From Intangible Tax” has been added to the Terms tab in the Loan tab of the Closing File module.

DoubleTime® 7.0.4

  • New ALTA Settlement Statement with Florida Rates reports eliminating the need for the Florida Insurance Premium Disclosure.
  • Multiple Closing Disclosure enhancements including TRID Variance calculations for all files with simultaneous policies and Line Detail indicators on Page 2 and 3 for better visibility of fee details.
  • Branch Product Order and Status module enhancements make it easier to differentiate between new and existing Fund data files received by DoubleTime.
  • Improvements to combined and split calculations when amounts are changed on the CD.
  • Overall performance tuning for the Balance Sheet to address out of balance issues.

DoubleTime® 7.0.3

  • A new 'Paid by Others POC' field has been added to the Line Detail windows on Page 2 of the Closing Disclosure.
  • The ability to create an addendum page of additional payoffs and payments has been added to Page 3 of the Non-seller/Refinance CD.
  • A new 'Re-retrieve' toolbar icon has been added to the secondary toolbar in the Branch Product Order Status module.
  • All bugs related to the Balance Sheet being out of balance have been corrected.
  • Multiple Closing Disclosure bug fixes.
  • Performance tuning in various modules.

DoubleTime® 7.0.2

  • Automatically calculate Simultaneous Policy credit amounts on TRID transactions
  • Select the party paying for Owner's Title Insurance right from the Rating Module
  • Multiple Balance Sheet bugs corrected
  • Closing Disclosure bug fixes

DoubleTime® 7.0.1

  • New Contact License fields added to the Closing File Participants tab
  • Flexibility in the Fund Data File Import wizard
  • Addition of the ALTA Settlement Statement forms
  • Updated Florida Insurance Premium Disclosure document from the Department of Financial Services