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ALWAYS DRIVENSM to provide you the best title information available in Florida.

Obtain the highest quality title searches with ATIDS® (Automated Title Information Data System), Florida’s premier source of geographically-indexed real property information. Updated daily, this vast repository provides current, complete and highly reliable information.

With ATIDS®, you can expect:

  • Access to more than 230 million Florida real property records
  • Ability to view more than 690 million images of recorded documents in real time
  • Coverage of more than 50 Florida counties
  • Access to several decades of title information
  • Extensive hours of availability





A web browser-based front end to ATIDS®.

Easy to learn and use, Web ATIDS® provides a web browser-based front end to ATIDS®. Web ATIDS® consists of more than 900 million property records. Over 26,000 new records are added daily



ALWAYS DRIVEN to provide you the best title information available in Florida.


User-Friendly Interface
ATIDS XE delivers improved functionality and a user-friendly interface to expedite your workflow. Enjoy a Microsoft toolbar with a refreshed, modern navigation pane. The “help” feature provides step-by-step instructions in relation to the task you are performing and the notification pane is your source of Fund News Alerts.

Search Queries
Enter your search query one time, and you may conduct subsequent searches straight from the navigation pane. This feature saves you time, and bolsters accuracy by eliminating rekeying. Custom views of search results enable you to filter and sort in the manner that works for you and your processes.

Multiple Users
Multiple users can save the examination status assigned to search results.

Order & Receive Offline Document Images
Order offline (film and older) images of public records documents and have them delivered directly back to ATIDS XE. This reduces the dependency on ProPel for ATIDS XE users. This also saves time and will allow you to get the information and images you need directly through the ATIDS XE application.

Include TOI Code in File Name of Exported Images
The document image export feature has been enhanced to include the TOI (Type of Instrument) code in the exported image file name. You are able to tell the TOI of exported document images outside of the ATIDS XE application.


ATIDS® Direct

The Data of ATIDS®, Available as a Web Service.

ATIDS® Direct offers data access using a single (XML) Web Service end-point with multiple operations. This connection is ideal for integrating with existing software platforms and creating proprietary applications.

Integrate the ATIDS® API with your software today and begin seeing the wide-ranging benefits of instant access to comprehensive title information data.

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