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The Fund’s Underwriting department receives many inquiries from Fund Members seeking assistance with clearing trust requirements. Trusts can be complicated and often contain unrecorded terms and conditions that affect ownership of the real property interests held in trust. The purpose of this article is to introduce Fund Members to The Fund’s updated commitment clauses dealing with trusts and to explain why they are required and how the requirements can be cleared. With a little practice, Fund Members and their staff members can gain confidence in dealing with trusts.

There are three categories of deeds involving trusts that a Fund Member will regularly encounter — the Sec. 689.07, F.S., “as Trustee” deed; a land trust formed under the Florida Land Trust Act, Sec. 689.071, F.S.; and an express trust, either revocable or irrevocable, made pursuant to the Florida Trust Code, Ch. 736, F.S. The revocable inter-vivos trust, an express trust often used for estate planning purposes and to avoid probate, is by far the most common trust encountered by real estate practitioners.

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Most people are familiar with decanting wine but do not know that a trust can also be decanted. According to, the term “decant” is defined as, “to pour out, transfer, or unload as if by pouring.” That is essentially what decanting a trust is. When a trust is decanted, the authorized trustee uses their authority to invade the trust principal to appoint all or some of the assets of the original trust to another trust. The authority of a trustee to decant a trust has been recognized in Florida since 1940. (Phipps v. Palm Beach Trust Co., 196 So. 299 (Fla. 1940)). The power to invade principal in trust or “decant” was later codified in Sec. 736.04117, F.S.

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Fee simple absolute title is usually described as “the full bundle of sticks.” Often, in a commercial transaction, the seller does not have the full bundle of sticks to convey. Typically, at least one tenant has the stick of possession via a lease. A purchaser or lender typically requires estoppel letters from every tenant and the landlord in order to determine the status of their rights and obligations under existing leases.

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What’s new in DoubleTime 8.7? 

DoubleTime 8.7 includes the REINSTATED ALTA 9.3 Form for use in Florida and is inclusive of all other enhancements and bug fixes from previous versions.

Install the DoubleTime® 8.7 update to use new software features.


The newest version of DoubleTime includes several key enhancements and additions to make your life easier.

Install the DoubleTime® 8.6 update to use new software features.


Software feature streamlines every stage of the closing process. You already know that E-Closing DT is loaded with features, like Automated Tasking, to help you work smarter and faster. Haven’t used it yet? Well, you need to start and here’s why: