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Fund Assembly 2022 Sessions

Learn MoreFund Assembly - General Sessions
Learn More Claims, Underwriting & Education – A Trio Working Together to Support You!

Fund leaders examine a variety of real estate transactional topics from the unique perspective of claims, underwriting and legal education.  This collaborative discussion provides a more comprehensive view to Fund Members who encounter these obstacles in their practice.  Issues addressed include mortgage satisfaction issues including missing satisfactions, indemnifications, and mortgage release certificates; judgment liens and consideration of homestead status; problems associated with real property taxes; and defects in certificates of acknowledgment.


George Perez
Senior Manager, Claims, Risk Analysis & Member Compliance, The Fund


Maggie Thumberg
Director, Professional Education & Member Support, The Fund


Melissa S. Scaletta
Vice President, Associate General Counsel, and Chief Underwriting Counsel, The Fund

Learn More Condos, Covenants & CDD’s

An examination of common issues relating to condominium associations, homeowner’s associations and community development districts.


Nishad Khan, Esq.
Owner, Nishad Khan P.L. & Ticon Title Company

Learn More General Counsel’s Perspective


Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, The Fund

Learn More Get to Know Your CEO and President


Jeff Rogero
Chief Executive Officer & President, The Fund


Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, The Fund

Learn More Legislative Update - 2022

Legislation is constantly changing and may impact your practice. This program highlights and provides an in-depth summary of some of the legislation enacted during the 2022 legislative session that is most relevant to the practice of real estate in Florida.


Charles Nostra
Senior Underwriting Counsel, The Fund

Learn More LLCs - Ready to Go!

This presentation focuses on structuring LLCs to be ready to efficiently buy, sell, mortgage, and engage in all facets of real estate transactions with the goal of streamlining confirmation of authority.  The presentation will include a range of Florida topics including LLC formation, member managed versus manager managed, Statements of Authority, and issues arising from the death of a member.  The presentation will also include a discussion of Delaware and foreign LLCs, and issues including documenting authority to bind Delaware LLCs, series LLCs, and layered LLCs. The presentation will consider the effects on LLCs of judgments against members, the effect of charging orders on closings for multi-member, sole member, and foreign LLCs, Florida residents using foreign LLCs, and issues in the use of sole member LLCs. 


Mishele B. Schutz
Senior Underwriting Counsel, Commercial Services , The Fund

Learn More No Time to Buy

Will 2022 usher forth a return to normalcy, or will it represent a continuation of the life-altering circumstances that characterized 2020 and 2021?  This presentation will provide in-depth analysis of the economy's shifts during the pandemic, including supplying industry and household level detail.  It will then turn toward a forecast for the year to come.


Anirban Basu, MPP, MA, JD, Ph.D.
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Sage Policy Group, Inc.

Learn More Non-U.S. Individuals Investing in U.S. Real Property From a Tax and Structuring Standpoint

The presentation will discuss the tax implications of a non-U.S. individual investing in U.S. real property. It will discuss the income, estate, and gift tax issues involved in investing in the U.S., suggestions for structuring said investments, and various pitfalls. It will also discuss treaties, including how they are used and some of the U.S. reporting requirements.


Ruben Gotlieb
Partner, Greenspoon Marder, L.L.P.

Learn More Protecting Against Cyber Risks: A Panel Discussion Featuring Planning Experts

FBI statistics reveal that computer crimes continue to disproportionately affect the real estate industry and is a constant cause for concern for those engaged in the closing process. This panel discussion features insurance industry and technology experts speaking on the evolving cyber risk insurance market and the controls closing agents need to adopt to protect client funds and data– and  themselves.


Michael Rothman
Senior Manager, Legal Education, The Fund


Bryan F. Thornton, CISSP, EnCE
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Net Reaction, L.L.C.


Cynthia A. Zimmerman, RPLU, ACRA
Executive Vice President, Socius Insurance Services

Learn More Quiz on Recent Real Property Cases

A review of cases summarized in the Fund Concept. The presentation will highlight particular cases of interest, and the materials will include all cases reviewed in the past year.


Colleen Sachs
Senior Underwriting Counsel, The Fund

Learn More Risky Business: It’s not Just About Title Insurance – The “Dirt” on Commercial Lines and Other Insurance Products

A dirt lawyer’s primary insurance focus is generally title insurance, however commercial liability and property insurance is a much less understood area which is constantly changing in light of recent storm impacts and other catastrophic events in Florida. It is important to have a general understanding of how these other insurance products can protect our clients and our firms.


Brenda Ezell
Attorney, Ezell Law Firm, P.A.


Pilar Willis Dixon, CIC, CIRMS
Vice President, Brown & Brown of Florida, Jacksonville

Learn More Stop the Bleeding, Then Tend to the Wound

Claims Counsel Elsa Camacho and Senior Claims Counsel Megan Solomon break down the policy and provide an interactive study of code violations as they relate to real property. 


Elsa Camacho
Claims Counsel, The Fund


Megan Crandall Solomon
Senior Claims Counsel, The Fund

Learn More The Current Status of RON & The Future of Digital Closings

As remote online notarization becomes increasingly entrenched; the advent of the fully digital closing is fast approaching. This session examines the adoption of RON and the issues presented in its acceptance, and how the industry is working to incorporate RON into the larger goal of the fully digital e-Note closing.


Michael Rothman
Senior Manager, Legal Education, The Fund


Jay Hollis
Vice President of Product Strategy, Pavaso

Learn More The Next Generation: New ALTA 2021 Commitment, Policies & Endorsements Are Coming Soon

ALTA 2021 insuring forms are currently under review with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. It is anticipated that a Florida version of the 2021 ALTA policies, commitments, and many endorsements will be approved for use in 2022. This presentation will focus on the notable improvements in the 2021 ALTA “next generation” insuring forms, and what changes real estate practitioners and their clients need to know.


Jennifer Barrow
Senior Underwriting Counsel, The Fund

Learn More Title Teasers

An interactive program where attendees are challenged to choose the proper underwriting responses based on real-life fact scenarios. A panel of Fund Underwriters provides discussion and analysis of the underwriting decision in each scenario.


John Benson
Underwriting Manager & Senior Underwriting Counsel , The Fund


Brian D. Stringer
Underwriting Counsel, The Fund


Caleb Hinton
Underwriting Counsel, The Fund


Deborah B. Ullman
Underwriting Counsel, The Fund

Learn More Top 10 Probate Issues Encountered by Underwriting

This program will review the ten most common issues involving probate that Underwriting encounters. The presentation will cover how and why each issue affects title and the ways to resolve each issue.


Benjamin Jepson
Senior Underwriting Counsel, The Fund

Learn More Welcome Remarks


Jeff Rogero
Chief Executive Officer & President, The Fund


Melissa Jay Murphy
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, The Fund

Learn MoreFund Assembly - Commercial Sessions
Learn More A Litigator’s Perspective on Construction Liens

Enforcement of construction liens against real property can result in loss of title and mortgage failure. This presentation will detail how liens are perfected and enforced in court and outline steps to take to avert claim exposure to real property.


Ryan Owen
Partner In Charge – Sarasota, Adams and Reese L.L.P.

Learn More From Contract to Hearing: Land Use Considerations in Commercial Real Property Transactions

An intermediate to advanced presentation on the overall importance of land use considerations throughout the commercial real estate transaction, with a particular emphasis on important contract provisions, land use due diligence, and the application and processing of requests to obtain the appropriate land use approvals.


Anne Q. Pollack
Managing Member, Fletcher Fischer Pollack P.L.

Learn More Land Surveys – Boundary Concerns and the Benefit of Collaboration

Lawyers ask and expect a lot of surveyors, sometimes without completely understanding what goes into a survey. This is a high level presentation for the more seasoned practitioner, covering several things that every surveyor wishes their clients knew, and a few things that give many real estate attorneys pause when dealing with surveys and legal descriptions.

  1. Florida Standards vs. ALTA/NSPS Standards – lawyer’s and surveyor’s perspectives, Table A, Schedule B-II, right of ways and TIIF deeds
  2. Legal Descriptions and Boundary Determinations – plats, aliquots, metes and bounds, problematic monumentation, priorities of calls, water boundaries
  3. Instrumentation and measurement methodology


Andrew Snyder, P.S.M.
Founder & President, Landtec


Cynthia Raleigh
Senior Underwriting Counsel, Commercial Services, The Fund

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