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Fund Assembly 2020 Sessions

Learn MoreGeneral Session
Learn More Assistance Animals and the Law

Identify the types of animals that qualify as Assistance Animals. Understanding FHA and the ADA obligations with respect to Assistance Animals. Best Practices for Housing Providers and owners of Commercial Establishments.

Learn More Attorney Opinion Letters: To the Best of Our Knowledge

What is an AOL? What are the accepted best practices? How do you best protect yourself from liability?

Learn More Claims are in the Eye of the Beholder

Find out more about claims decisions based on policy provisions. Ever wondered how to explain to your client what the policy even covers?  Find out more about the contractual obligations of the title insurer and the insured. Did you know the covered risks are subject to exclusions and exceptions?  Would you like to learn the difference between exclusions and exceptions? Would you like to learn how to translate the policy into real situations your clients may find themselves in, so you can assist and advise them?

Learn More Foreign Seller Ahead Proceed with Caution, Top FIRPTA Questions & Answers

Learn how a Seller proves non-foreign status. Understand your liability and the buyer’s liability for non-compliance. De-mystify the many forms involved.

Runtime: 38:31  So lets say that we have two sellers, one foreign and one not and our sales price is $100,000 (Correction sales price should be $200,000).

Learn More Fund Member as Legislator: A Conversation with Senator Kathleen Passidomo
Learn More General Counsel's Perspective
Important updates and recent changes that are impacting the Real Estate industry in Florida.
Learn More How to Keep Zombie Permits from Killing Your Deal: A Look at Florida's New Permit Expiration Statute and Related Topics

A Look at Florida's New Permit Expiration Statute and Related Topics. Comprehensive discussion of Florida’s new statute. Practical discussion of how building departments around the state are implementing it and what they are requiring taking advantage of it. Discussion of related topics dealing with unpermitted work and other construction issues that can impact real estate transactions.

Learn More Kelley's Homestead Paradigm Made Easy

Learn to speak Homestead fluently in one easy lesson. Avoid the hidden Homestead shoals. Real estate lawyer’s pocket guide to Homestead.

Learn More Legislative Update

Keep abreast of changes to existing the laws that affect your practice. Learn of new laws that have passed that will affect your practice going forward. Understand trends in the market conditions that may invite legislative changes and encourages members to think about the laws how they affect your practice and to become an advocate for the industry.

Learn More Quiz on Real Property Cases

Case summaries, including citations, to provide current information on topics related to the practice of real property law in convenient course materials. Interesting true/false quiz format with answers that explain the reasoning behind the court decision. Highlight of key cases from the past year all real property attorneys need to know.

Learn More Remote Online Notarization - Technical Aspects and Estate Planning

Perspective of an estate and trust lawyer of the new RON law. Overview of the requirements for the electronic signing and remote notarization for estate planning documents. When can RON be used for estate planning documents? When should RON be avoided for estate planning documents? Potential pitfalls and regrets!

Learn More The New Era of Wire Fraud

Learn about the latest wire fraud trends that rocked the title industry in 2019 as well as. Examine who is liable for loss and the standard of care imposed on title agents. New best practices to protect yourself and your clients.

Learn More The Return of the Economist

He's back for another entertaining and enlightening update on the latest economic factors impacting the real estate market. Recognize way in which global economic dynamics are impacting the U.S. economy. Gain insight regarding regional economic trends within the United States, including in Florida and Florida real estate markets. Analyze how policymaking continues to shape economic outcomes in the U.S.

Learn More Title Teasers

An interactive program where Fund Members are challenged to choose the proper underwriting response based on real-life fact scenarios. A panel of Fund Underwriters provides discussion and analysis of the underwriting decision in each scenario. Attendees will stay informed with the latest developments in The Fund’s underwriting guidelines.

Learn More What Do You Do When Your File Has Fur and Wags Its Tail?

There are no style points in law; learn from those who fix the problems instead of trying to fix it yourself. Learn the recent case law affecting remedies. Avoid the traps & pitfalls as your files morphs from closing to possible litigation.

Learn More What Were They Thinking? Avoiding Issues that Turn Away Clients, Turn Off Staff and Turn into Malpractice

Overcome misperceptions from the other side of the table to enhance your ability to close a deal. Identify considerations important to clients that think differently than you Improve your ability to expand your clientele, and to attract top notch staff.

Learn MoreResidential Track
Learn More FR/Bar, ASIS, CRISP and Local Contract Comparison, Recent Changes and Challenging Provisions

Understand important distinctions between FR/BAR and other residential forms. Be aware of issues with current FR/BAR provisions and pending efforts to address them. Gain strategies for most effective use of provisions in the forms such as title curative provisions and dispute resolution.

Learn More Love and Marriage: Homestead Rules and Tenants by Entirety

How a tenancy by the entireties is created, what protections it affords, the limitations it imposes, and how it is destroyed. How marital status affects homestead property, restraints on alienation, and what waiver can be relied upon for title insuring purposes. How marital status impacts the enforceability of liens against one party to the marriage.

Learn More To Trust or Not to Trust: Beware the Abundance of Choices

Trust varieties and legal requirements for holding title. Preventing litigation to establish title. It’s Never too late for a cure.

Learn MoreCommercial Track
Learn More Hotels and Mixed-Use Resort Development

Resort and Mixed-Use Development Overview, Development Process and Lien Free Completion, Management and Franchise Agreements, Branded Residential and Whole Ownership Rental Programs

Learn More Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments: Where Are We Now?

Current state of the Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) program, including updates from the Department of Treasury’s regulations. The benefits and potential draw backs to investing in a QOZ and how to invest in one. Comparing the QOZ program to Section 1031 exchanges with practical examples.

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