ALWAYS DRIVEN℠ to share, store and safeguard your critical documents so you may integrate all of your Fund products for a seamless closing.

The capability to receive Fund Branch Products, title insurance policies, ATIDS® search results and public records documents electronically drastically increases your productivity and efficiency.

ProPel® provides access to a vast repository, right at your fingertips— access to over 625 million images of recorded documents from The Fund’s statewide document library is available. You may retrieve exactly what you need quickly. Once accessed, these documents and images can be electronically saved, organized, shared, printed, emailed and archived. Eliminate paper files, reduce off-site storage costs and go green in your office – saving you time and money.

ProPel® integrates with all of your Fund Products for a seamless closing. Complete your suite and pass documents and information between ATIDS® and DoubleTime® with ease, saving the time it takes to facilitate a real estate transaction, and enhancing efficiency in your office.

To learn more about the features available with ProPel® please contact your Fund Member Account Executive.

Software Requirements

Images Available by County

With ProPel®, imaged documents can be received within minutes. Documents prior to the image date are processed via our copy site and delivery time will take longer.

County Name: Alachua

County Number: 11

ATIDS Online Date: 09/10/1982

Beginning Imaged OR Book: 1582

Imaged Documents Available: 12/21/1984


"I use DoubleTime®, ATIDS and ProPel®. It is amazing how much these programs simplify the real estate closing process. With ATIDS and ProPel®, I can either perform my own title and name searches or I can quickly enter the required information and send it to The Fund to perform the search. Either way, the ease of operation and speed at which title reports are generated enable me to respond quickly to requests. ProPel allows me to either view or print the title search and hard copy of each document. And the training offered through The Fund for these programs is exceptional."
-Bonnie A. Brown, Esquire
Law Offices of Bonnie A. Brown, P.A.