Decoding the Residential Valuation Puzzle

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Decoding the Residential Valuation Puzzle

Understanding how the Property Appraiser comes up with a property value and what the taxpayer can do about it.  The amount the homeowner pays in property taxes is directly related to the value of their home. However, there are several different values on each property. Although Florida law defines these values, variation in value is inevitable since each county utilizes their own methods of determining the value. This seminar will provide a guide to each of those values and how they are determined. It will also review the available exemptions and explain the use of portability. Finally, the seminar will review the options available to the homeowner to appeal the valuation if they do not agree with the property appraiser’s determination.

This webinar is approved for 1.0 general and 1.0 real estate and tax law certification credit with The Florida Bar.

The Florida Bar accreditation for this seminar will expire on October 31, 2024 and access to this seminar will not be available after that date.


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