A Whole Lotta BS (Behavioral Science) about Cybersecurity

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A Whole Lotta BS (Behavioral Science) about Cybersecurity

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 10 (12:00 PM - 1:00 PM) 

On Oct. 10, at noon, Lisa Plaggemier, Executive Director at the National Cybersecurity Alliance will join us to present A Whole Lotta BS (Behavioral Science) about Cybersecurity. 
Let’s be honest:  most of us find cybersecurity frustrating.  Thinking up long complex passwords, trying to find our phones when we need a code to log in to an account… it’s a pain!  And if we believe the scary cybersecurity headlines about cyber-attacks and data breaches, none of it seems to be working.  How do we make sense of it all?  If you find it confusing, you’re not alone.  New research from the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) reveals insights about the public’s attitudes and beliefs about security.  Via this interactive webinar, we’ll compare Fund Members’ attitudes on cybersecurity to those of participants in NCA’s study and cut through the confusion to give Members easy, practical advice on how to keep themselves, their families and firms safe and secure.



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