2019 Florida Homestead Exemption (Download) Members Only

2019 Florida Homestead Exemption (Download)

If a home is a permanent residence, the owner may be eligible to receive an exemption that reduces a portion of the property’s taxable value. If the home is worth at least $75,000, the exemption would decrease the property’s taxable value by $50,000. This handout features important information on the 2019 Florida Homestead Exemption,...

Benefits of Homeownership (Download) Members Only

Benefits of Homeownership (Download)

We are here to handle your title and escrow needs. Our escrow teams gather information needed to close and disburse funds once the sale goes through. 

Closing Process from Contract to Keys (Download) Members Only

Closing Process from Contract to Keys (Download)

From contract to keys, what are the steps you and your client need to take to close on a house? For those without much experience in the real estate industry, the processes can be overwhelming. The Fund wants to help ease the frustration with informational handouts like this "Closing Process" flyer.

Closing Process Top 10 for Consumers (Download) Members Only

Closing Process Top 10 for Consumers (Download)

The closing process can be overwhelming for your clients. This straight-forward flyer from The Fund will clear up what consumers need to know about the closing process and be a good point of reference in the future.

Discuss FIRPTA at the Start – Consumer (Download) Members Only

Discuss FIRPTA at the Start – Consumer (Download)

Florida has the highest percentage of foreign investments in real estate within the U.S. Buyers of a U.S. real property interest owned by a foreign person need to understand the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) requirements at the start of the transaction to prevent issues or delays at closing. This helpful handout explains...

Home Buying Process (Download) Members Only

Home Buying Process (Download)

Do your clients know what happens when they put an offer on their house? Are they aware that an offer is just the first step of a longer process? If you're worried they might be blind-sided or unprepared, The Fund's "Home Buying Process" flyer is a great place to start their education. This handout details what happens when and...

How to Prepare for Settlement (Download) Members Only

How to Prepare for Settlement (Download)

For most people, a home is the largest investment they will ever make - they've gotten the money together, worked with banks on a mortgage, investigated the neighborhood and had an inspector scour the place. The last thing anyone wants is trouble at the end that could put the transaction in jeopardy.

Moving Tips (Download) Members Only

Moving Tips (Download)

Ever wonder how one person or family accumulates so much stuff? Where does it all go? How can you get it all together in time? The Fund put together this handy "Moving Tips" flyer to help your clients keep track of their possessions and manage their time before moving. Not everyone thinks to start packing up their life eight weeks out,...

Roadmap to Becoming a Homeowner (Download) Members Only

Roadmap to Becoming a Homeowner (Download)

Working with a first-time homebuyer? Our new "Roadmap to Becoming a Homeowner" flyer explains the process in simple terms, from creating a home “wish list” through contract and closing.  

The 3-Day Closing Disclosure Rule (Download) Members Only

The 3-Day Closing Disclosure Rule (Download)

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau set down a final ruling that states a creditor must deliver the Closing Disclosure to the customer at least three business days prior to the transaction's end date. To help keep our Members and those they represent on track, The Fund put together this "Three Day Closing Rule" flyer that...

The Importance of Owner’s Title Insurance (Download) Members Only

The Importance of Owner’s Title Insurance (Download)

Many homeowners may think Title Insurance isn't important, but they don't understand the potential losses they could suffer if problems arise regarding the rights to ownership of their property. Title Insurance covers everything from improperly executed documents to unpaid liens to various kinds of fraud. 

Title Insurance vs. Homeowner's Insurance (Download) Members Only

Title Insurance vs. Homeowner's Insurance (Download)

The Fund understands how confusing the different elements of real estate can be, especially for those purchasing a home who are all wrapped up in the excitement; that's why we've made it part of our mission to educate the communities represented by our Members. The Fund put together information flyers like this "Title Insurance vs...

TRID Top 10 for Sellers (Download) Members Only

TRID Top 10 for Sellers (Download)

In 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a new rule that combines mortgage disclosures previously established by the Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) into a single rule known as the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Rule.

What is Title Insurance? (Download) Members Only

What is Title Insurance? (Download)

Though many people own homes, few really understand what Title Insurance is or what it does for them. The Fund put together this handout "What is Title Insurance?" for easily accessible information that can be handed out to clients and used to educated present and future homeowners. The flyer goes over the basic foundations of Title...

Why Title Insurance Is a Good Idea (Download) Members Only

Why Title Insurance Is a Good Idea (Download)

With a fun “better safe than sorry” image, this simple handout reminds buyers to protect the biggest investment they may ever make and that doing so is a good idea.