Preparing a Policy

Title issues and policy preparation

The Fund has all the products and services you need to keep you compliant and up to date.


The Fund Procedures Handbook has everything you need to know about doing business with The Fund, including how to prepare policy and endorsement forms, rating and submitting the forms, and Fund Branch information.

Fund Title Notes is regarded as an essential reference for Florida title issues and is frequently cited by courts and other underwriters as an authoritative source.

The Standard Commitment Clauses (SCC) Handbook contains The Fund's standardized Requirements and Exceptions clauses to assist you in the preparation of Title Insurance Commitments.

The Dos and Don'ts section provides helpful hints and instructions for submitting your paper title insurance forms to The Fund. By following these simple directions, The Fund is able to process your paper policies faster and provide better service to you.


The Worksheets section provides access to The Fund's most current premium calculation forms. Please be sure to use the appropriate worksheet to ensure the correct rate is applied.


With 4Real, no other software is required to give you all the help you need to quickly and easily produce all your Fund Commitment, Policy and Endorsement forms. 4Real® is available via download to Members at no charge.