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New Realtor® Orientation Materials Updated

We are pleased to announce that the materials used in the New Realtor® Orientations in Southeast Florida have been updated for 2024 to include sections on new laws governing condominiums and conveyances to certain foreign principals. These materials are intended to be a basic introduction to the legal and regulatory framework of real estate transactions.

More good news is that you do NOT have to be a presenter at these New Realtor® Orientations to access the materials. All REC members are welcome to leverage the handouts for their own presentations to agents. They are well-suited for those events where a comprehensive program is not feasible, like weekly Realtor® marketing meetings.

  • Legal and Regulatory Overview
    • Outlines Seller Disclosures, Fair Housing and all the major acronyms including RESPA, TRID, FIRPTA, FinCEN and UPL.
  • FR/BAR Contract: Quick Tips
    • Highlights the most important features of the contract, including Effective Date, Timelines & Deadlines, and the Financing Contingency.
    • New areas introduce the updated Condominium Rider and Notice impacting certain foreign principals.

We wish you a successful and rewarding 2024! If you would like to obtain these resources, please contact the REC Relations Manager at RECManager@flarecs.com.