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The Fund recently made enhancements to the security of FLARECS.COM by relocating it from a third-party server, to one inside The Fund’s IT infrastructure.  The domain www.FLARECS.com remains the same, but you may experience issues navigating to the new location the first time you use the new site since your PC likely remembers its previous location.  If you have difficulties, navigate to The Fund - Attorneys' Real Estate Councils of Florida and bookmark that URL.  The website remains public, so consumers, real estate agents, and REC members who are not Fund Members, can still access all of the same features they could before.

While you’re there, be sure to visit the Resource Center located at The Fund - Real Estate Councils - Resources, where you can view the schedule of REC events across the state, and access various REC resources and tools including:

  • Promotional Videos
  • Downloadable Marketing Materials
  • Closing Cost Calculator
  • Realtor® Education Library Guide

Please contact the REC Relations Manager at RECManager@flarecs.com if you have any questions about accessing and using any of these resources.