Rating Title Insurance: The TRID Way

Learn how title insurance rates are mandated to be displayed under TRID and the Florida Insurance Premium Disclosure form, promulgated by the Department of Financial Services, effective Oct. 28, 2015.


Introducing the Digital Closing: What Fund Members Need to Know to Prepare

This Town Hall introduces Fund Members to different digital closing models and industry trends; gives insight into how the digital closing model is likely to take shape in Florida; outlines the pieces needed for a fully digital closing and assesses where the industry stands today in Florida; looks at processing times and costs for digital closings; and gives next steps and action items.


It's Here! Remote Online Notarization - What You Need to Know Now

The Florida legislature passed HB 409 – Electronic Legal Documents on May 2. The bill specifically allows for remote online notarization of certain documents, including documents related to real estate conveyances and mortgages. This webinar will give you information on what the bill contains, what The Fund thinks it means for digital closings, and how you can start to prepare for implementation in your office when the bill goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.


A Closing Agent’s Guide to eNotes & Digital Closings

Dive deep into the process and technology involved in digital closings, including the standards surrounding the use of eNotes from both a technological and regulatory perspective.


Social Media Marketing for Closing Agents in One Hour a Week

Have you ever wondered how much return on investment closing agents can actually get from Facebook?


New 2016 ALTA Commitment

This Town Hall will focus on Florida's Office of Insurance Regulation approval of the new 2016 ALTA Commitment for Title Insurance with Florida Modifications for use in Florida.


Insuring Against Mortgage Payoff Fraud, Business Email Compromise Fraud & Other Social Engineering Fraud

This webinar will look at what mortgage payoff fraud entails, how cyber-theft continues to plague our industry, and why settlement agents need to consider procuring insurance against losses due to computer crimes.

Florida Bar & NALA

Protecting Yourself Against Wire Fraud

Day of closing. Updated payoff letter received and your bookkeeper has loaded the wire for you to release. Before you hit the “Send” button, are you absolutely certain that the wiring instruction relied upon is authentic?


Cyber Liability Insurance

This Town Hall will focus on cyber liability insurance. If you've been wondering what cyber liability insurance does and does not cover, how much it costs, and how it can protect your office, this is the presentation for you.


Stopping Cyber Fraud

Electronic communication has become a way of life as has the practice of conducting financial transactions, which are part and parcel of a real estate closing, electronically.


Escrow & Cyber Security: Protecting You & Your Clients

Matt Rease and Lee Swaffield of RynohLive presented a free Fund Town Hall, Escrow and Cyber Security: Protecting You and Your Clients. RynohLive is a patented, web-based “bridge application” that has helped revolutionize escrow account management services. Its team is at the forefront of providing transaction monitoring, daily reconciliations and other anti-fraud measures.


What Every Real Estate Attorney Needs to Know About Cyber Risk Insurance

Fund Members need to be asking “Will my existing insurance policies cover a loss due to a spoofing incident?” and “What insurance do I need to protect against a catastrophic loss?”. On October 30th at noon, Robert Rosenzweig of RPLU, National Cyber Risk Practice Leader, presented a free Fund Town Hall webinar addressing what real estate practitioners need to know about insuring against Business Email Compromise fraud.



FinCEN Reporting: How to Complete a Currency Transaction Report

Members filing Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) to comply with the mandate of a Geographic Targeting Order will find that process demonstrated and explained in this recording.


CFPB’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking/ALTA Best Practices Framework Revisions

This Town Hall focused on the CFPB’S Notice of Proposed Rulemaking issued on July 29, 2016 which proposes changes and clarifications to TRID. ALTA’s Best Practices revisions are also discussed.


Town Hall Issuing Policies at Closing

This Town Hall focuses on issuing policies at closing. Although many Members are aware the 2006 ALTA policies allow the issuance of policies at closing, some of the practical aspects remain a mystery. This Town Hall will show Members what language to use when drafting Schedule A, how to use DoubleTime to issue policies at closing, and will answer some of the questions Members have about timing and liability. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to make the post-closing process as efficient as possible.


FIRPTA Town Hall

This Town Hall addresses the recent changes to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) which went into effect on February 17, 2016.


TRID Town Hall - DoubleTime® Tips, Tricks & FAQs

This webinar is specially designed for DoubleTime® users and will address frequently asked questions, upgrades and enhancements, and tips to increase user efficiency.


TRID Town Hall

The Fund's CFPB Hotline team discusses updates, industry news, and other information The Fund has gathered about the recent TRID changes. The 2-hour webinar will answer Members' most pressing questions regarding the new process.


Marking Up a Commitment

The presentation demonstrates the steps taken to delete Schedule B-I requirements by striking through them. It next takes on the task of marking up Schedule B-II items to provide greater coverage for the insured.

Lien Stripping in Bankruptcy after Caulkett

Learn about the history, function, and current status of the law as to lien stripping in bankruptcy for title agents and real estate practitioners.

Accreditation: NALA

Liens, Liens, Everywhere a Lien

This webinar focuses on commonly occurring liens to real property, including judgment liens, homeowners’ and condominium association liens, federal tax liens, and code enforcement board and municipal liens. Particular attention will be paid to assessing the validity of liens filed in the public records and clearing those liens from the contemplated title insurance policy.

Accreditation: NALA

It's Not Just a Form: The Closing Disclosure and Form Process

The seminar will review the new Closing Disclosure forms in depth including the seller specific form which is the sole responsibility of settlement agents to prepare, as well as the model refinance form.

Accreditation: NALA

2010 HUD-1 Settlement Statement Background & Basics

Practical guide to the 2010 GFE/HUD-1, including instructions on how to fill out and explain the forms to parties involved in the transaction.


Limited Liability Company Fundamentals: What's New, What's Not

Review the general principles related to limited liability companies with a focus on the insurable title aspects of ownership.

Accreditation: NALA

Ethics In Your Closing Practice

Review current ethical issues facing title professionals in your real estate and settlement practices. Eight hypothetical situations are presented covering different topics.

Accreditation: NALA

Trusts, Estates and FIRPTA, Oh My!

Become familiar with the basics of dealing with the disposition of United States real property by trusts, estates, and gifts as well as other not as well-known foreign sellers of United States real property interests.


Accreditation: NALA

Introduction to ALTA’s Best Practices

Learn how to document your policies and procedures and work towards Best Practices compliance.

Accreditation: NALA

Passport Required?: The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act and the Settlement Agent

Become familiar with the basics of dealing with a FIRPTA transaction, including requirements related to obtaining a Taxpayer Identification Number, completing the appropriate Internal Revenue Service forms, determining if withholding is required or if the transaction fits within the withholding exceptions, remitting the tax, and protecting yourself from possible tax liabilities.

Accreditation: NALA

The Quality Assurance Review, "Now That's a Horse of a Different Color"

Get acquainted with the types of audits which are performed and the regulatory requirements which govern them.

Accreditation: NALA

Using Fund Resources to Maximize Your Closing Practice

This 50-minute webinar provides a guide to real estate attorneys in how to best access and use key resources to research real estate law and title insurance underwriting requirements. Resources include the Fund Title Notes, the Standard Commitment Clauses Handbook, and the Affidavit Practice Manual, as well as online and mobile sources such as the Fund website and mobile application.


Avoiding Title Claims in Your Real Estate Practice

Despite best intentions and practices, title claims are at times unavoidable. On other occasions, title claims are the result of negligence, unfamiliarity with a subject matter, or just plain fraud. This webinar will focus on the relationships between the closing agent, insured, underwriter and retained counsel, the most common types of claims and how they may be avoided, as well as an examination of the red flags of fraud most commonly seen by title insurance underwriters.

Accreditation: NALA