Paying Policy Invoices

08/14/2021 Runtime: 2:17

This video is an overview of paying policies invoices online.

Things to Note

  • Users will need permission to use Policy Payment and ePolicyManager.
    Portal Owners or Admins can enable users by managing their Fund Software and Integration permissions in the My Account section on
  • Ability to pay invoices online will begin 10/30/21.
  • Invoices that are/have been paid by check after 10/30/21 will show as unpaid within ePolicyManager.
  • Members can choose when to transition their firm to pay invoices online using the ACH Transition Date field located at the top of the Search Results. They have the ability to select any transition date greater than 10/30/21.
  • Invoices created after 10/30/21 or the updated ACH Transition Date can be paid online.
  • Invoices created before 10/30/21 or the updated ACH Transition Date cannot be paid online.

Check out the User Guide  and Release Notes for more details.