ePolicyManager Overview

The Fund’s ePolicyManager was developed to help Members who do not use DoubleTime. With this software, non-DoubleTime users have the ability to log on to the Fund’s website and receive an electronic policy and jacket and no longer have to worry about issuing paper jackets anymore. Check out this video to get a general overview of the ePolicyManager.


This brief video outlines what is discussed in the ePolicyManager tutorials.

Access Rights

This video highlights how to obtain access rights and what to do after that access has been granted.

Getting Started

Once your FundNet ID has been given access, you will be able to log in and start searching files. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to start your next search.

Obtaining a Commitment Jacket

This video discusses the best practices on completing and obtaining a commitment jacket.

Loan and Owner’s Policy Jackets

In this video, learn how to obtain Loan and Owner’s Policy Jackets.

Basic Rating Worksheet

This video explains how to generate and prepare a Basic Rating Worksheet.

Submitting Policies

This video demonstrates step-by-step instructions on submitting policies.

Mortgage Modifications: Generating Loan Policies

In this video, learn how to generate a loan policy for a mortgage modification.

Mortgage Modifications: Rating Worksheet

This step-by-step video provides instructions on generating a rating worksheet for a mortgage modification.

Substitution Loan: Commitment Jacket & Policies

This brief tutorial shows you the process to generate a commitment and loan policy for a substitution loan.

Substitution Loan: Rating Worksheet

In this tutorial, learn how to generate a rating worksheet for a substitution loan.

Cancelling a File

If a file needs to be cancelled, this video provides the information necessary to complete the cancellation.