ePolicyManager Overview

The Fund’s ePolicyManager was developed to help Members who do not use DoubleTime. With...

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This brief video outlines what is discussed in the ePolicyManager tutorials.

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Access Rights

This video highlights how to obtain access rights and what to do after that access has been...

Runtime: 01:51


Getting Started

Once your www.TheFund.com ID has been given access, you will be able to log in and start...

Runtime: 02:29


Obtaining a Commitment Jacket

This video discusses the best practices on completing and obtaining a commitment jacket.

Runtime: 03:02


Loan and Owner's Policy Jacket

In this video learn how to obtain Loan and Owner’s Policy Jackets.

Runtime: 02:36


Basic Rating Worksheet

This video explains how to generate and prepare a Basic Rating Worksheet.

Runtime: 02:54


Submitting Policies

This video demonstrates step-by-step instructions on submitting policies.

Runtime: 04:32


Mortgage Modification & Loan Policies

In this video, learn how to generate a loan policy for a mortgage modification.

Runtime: 03:38


Mortgage Modifications: Rating Worksheet

This step-by-step video provides instructions on generating a rating worksheet for a mortgage...

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Substitution Loan: Policies & Commitment...

This brief tutorial shows you the process to generate a commitment and loan policy for a...

Runtime: 02:24


Substitution Loan Rating Worksheet

In this tutorial, learn how to generate a rating worksheet for a substitution loan.

Runtime: 04:25


Cancelling a File

If a file needs to be cancelled, this video provides the information necessary to complete the...

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Paying Policy Invoices

This video is an overview of paying policies invoices online.Things to Note ...

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